Consumption spree,Dubai Shopping Festival Begins in January

Consumption spree,Dubai Shopping Festival Begins in January

Publish Time:2016-02-25 21:14:53

【Introduction】:Shopping seems to be an exclusive craze of girls and shopping festivals are doubtlessly their carnivals Dubai Sh

Shopping seems to be an exclusive craze of girls and shopping festivals are doubtlessly their carnivals. Dubai Shopping Festival, a " consumption spree ", is unavoidable for the shopaholics. Two shopping festivals are held in Dubai every year, including the Dubai Shopping Festival in January and Dubai Summer Surprise in July and August, both of which enjoy a long and good reputation.

During the festivals, the shops initiate promotion sales of commodities of all sorts, appealing to surging tourists from all corners of the world for two decades.

Genially sunny and refreshingly pleasant, it is averagely 25 degrees centigrade in Dubai in the daytime at the early start of a year. It is a rare experience to go shopping in Dubai reputed to be " the Paradise of the Upper Crust " on such days. Omega, Cartier, Hermès, Lancôme, Dior Haute Couture, Chanel together with latest items and all varieties of gold, perfume, automobiles, clothes, handbags, cosmetics, electronic products … Everything you can think of is available here. Even though you cannot buy everything you like, it is still worthwhile to feast your eyes and have the experience! Definitely, the greatest tangible benefits and expectations are the discounts for goods: shoes discount up to 50% off; handbags discount up to 30% off; although no sign of discount is shown outside the stores of ADIDAS, price queries and bargains can be made at the cashier desks and 25%-50% discounts are possible; additional "discounts" of many commodities

may be luckily made, 75% discount at most.

Checking the travel guides, you will find Dubai Mallis your first choice. Renowned as " Paradise of Paradises " , Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in Dubai and even the entire world at present. The four-storey building covers an area equivalent to that of 50 football pitches, resplendently decorated and equipped with indoor ice rink and aquarium.

There is the entrance on the ground floor to the globally highest building, Dubai Tower. More than 1,200 famous brands of all countries can be found here, too many for you to see in even three days. Consequently, a plan must be mapped out before your shopping.

Dating back to 1996, Dubai Shopping Festival now fully deserves the standing as the longest and most successful shopping activity. Statistics indicate that the shopping festival averagely attracts 4-4.5 million tourists each year who totally contribute to a consumption of more than 15 billion dirhams(approximately $ 4 billion).


1. It is about 25 degrees centigrade in the daytime and roughly 15 degrees centigrade in the night in Dubai in January. You can wear T-shirt or short skirt but you must take with you a coat and trousers because the temperature drops upon the sunset.

2. Although it is a shopping festival, you should go shopping rationally and some of the discounted products are not cheaper than those in Hong Kong or South Korea.

3. Good English speakers can bargain with the shop assistants for discount or additional discount.

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