A day that should not be ignored-Children’s Day

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【Introduction】:May is about to be over and June, notorious for being hot, will arrive One frequent question that people will askis "Where will you go during the Dragon Boat Festival? "

May is about to be over and June, notorious for being hot, will arrive. One frequent question that people will askis "Where will you go during the Dragon Boat Festival?" No doubt, the Dragon Boat Festival is the most popular topic nowadays because the 3-day holiday is a very attractive breakfor many hard workers like me and you. However, is it the only expectation that people are looking forward to? Not really,because many children who are also working as hard as uswill welcome their favorite festival, Children's Day. For kids, Children's Day is the day that they can receivewhatever they proposes or wishe. For parents, it is a good chance to bond with their children. So, let's take a look at how Children's Day is celebrated in different countries. Maybe after you read the following article, you will be inspired and take your children to spend time with them during this holiday.

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Japan: The days for the kids

Children's Day in Japan is a traditional holiday. On the 5th of May each year, Japanese families will stay together and celebrate their children’s growth. BeforeWorld War Two, thisholiday was called "Boy's Day," because it is the holiday only for boys. Since 1948, the day has become a public holiday and a day for all the Japanese children to celebrate. On that day, people will hang a fish-shaped flag, called "koinobori." It is a symbol for vanquishing sickness and overcomingdifficulties and also to wish that children will grow up right. On the 3rd of March of each year, there is another day known as "Girl's Day" which was developed based on the Shangsi Festival. Girls can receive various dolls and put them together for celebrating.

Sweden: The "Boy's Day" VS "Girl's Day"

Sweden also divided Children's Day into 2 different days. On the 7th of August each year, Boy's Day will be celebrated. The day is also called "Lobster Festival," which encourages the boys to learn brave spirit from lobsters. On that day, children will dress like a lobster and give a performance. On the 13th of December, Girl's Day will be celebrated. The day also called "Goddess Lucia Day.” Lucia is a legendary god who protects girls in Sweden. On that day, girls will dress like a goddess and do good deedsto other kids.

Islamic states: Happy "Candy's Day"

Most of the Islamic states mark the 14th day after the Ramadan as "Candy's Day," for kids, it is also the happiest Children's Day. Candy's Day lasts for 3 days. Kids can form a group and ask for candies from neighbors. According to the local folk, adults cannot refuse such requirement. So kids can always come back with fruitful results.

Russia: The birthplace for the International Children's Day

The date of Russia's Children's Day is on the 1st of June. When that day come, all the Russian children will enjoy the holiday with local dances and other performances. During November of 1949, for criticizing the reactionaries' evil behavior for abusing children, and protecting the living right for children, the Women's International Democratic Federation held a council meeting in Moscow and decide to make the 1st of June International Children's Day.

Brazil: Healthy first

The 15th of August marks two festivals in Brazil, Children's DayandHealth Care Day.On that day, the doctors will diagnose kids and provide polio vaccines to children under 5 years old. In addition, on the 12th of October, there will also be some celebrations for kids.

African countries: Children's carnival

Children's Day in the West Africa can be wild. Their Children's Day can last for a month. Africans are good at singing and dancing. All children will enjoy the holiday together even though they live in different life conditions.

Alright, after learning about how different regions celebrate Children's Day, have you already got a good idea on to spend the holiday with your children? If so, don't hesitate and start planning!

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