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【Introduction】:Tamales for the holidays is a true Houston (and Texas) tradition

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Tamales for the holidays is a true Houston (and Texas) tradition. It’s almost like having mom’s favorite Turkey at Thanksgiving - we just can’t go without it! From traditional pork, to brisket, jalapeño and even a “sweet” flavor, there is no shortage of tamale options in the Houston area.

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Molina’s Cantina (first known as Old Monterrey) was one of the first Mexican restaurants in Houston back in 1941 and the tamale tradition has lived on through the years. As a gift to you, for a limited time during the holiday season, Molina’s iconic traditional pork tamales are just $10.95 a dozen ($2 off regular price). Ready to eat packs are also available if you would like to add Jose’s Dip and taquitos for a complete Mexican feast! (They can even supply the margaritas!)

(Source: 699pic.com)


Alamo Tamales originated in San Antonio more than 50 years ago and soon after moved to Houston. With two locations in Houston, Alamo Tamale Company is a holiday favorite when it comes to the best tamales around. They use family recipes from their grandmothers. The spices are purchased whole and ground down to make for the best flavors of tamales. The best seller is homemade pork, but other flavors include chicken, beef, jalapeño and cheese and bean. During the holiday season you can purchase limited edition “sweet” tamales. Prices start at $12.99 per dozen.

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