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【Introduction】:5 Reasons Why Prague is the Home of World-Class Coffee


5 Reasons Why Prague is the Home of World-Class Coffee

Just a few years ago, this juxtaposition of words would have sounded ludicrous. But today, Prague is just a small step away from becoming a café superpower along the lines of London, Berlin, or New York. There are many reasons why Prague is unique for its coffee.

1. Keeping Pace with Global Trends

In recent years, Prague’s coffee scene has moved forward at a rapid pace. The impact of the third coffee wave has combined with the new young generation of professionals enthusiastically dedicated to coffee. Prepare yourself for high quality Czech roasters, all the current trends, and a unique local coffee culture concept.

2. Friendly Prices

The intense competition and popularity of cafés with the locals has kept prices at a reasonable level – in Prague, you can get top-notch coffee for less than in any other caffeine metropolis.

3. Architecture, Design, Tradition

Prague’s long history gives every café a unique context. Architecture, design, and art blend together in businesses both old and new. The variety of styles and the individuality of the various neighbourhoods are what makes Prague special.

4. Divine Desserts

Czech sweets are delicious and pair well with coffee. Cafés often make their own desserts in-house, or else have them made by a local producer. Cakes, pies, cream puffs – don’t even think about leaving before you try one.


5. No Rush and Friendly Service

Most Prague cafés offer a relaxed atmosphere with smiling faces behind the counter. Just sit and chat over a cup of coffee – no standing, no long lines, no crush at the bar.


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