Mudanjiang, the Snow City of China, a Great Winter Destination

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【Introduction】:Mudanjiang City is the political, economic and cultural center of southeast Heilongjiang Province. It has nine counties (cities) and districts under its jurisdiction. Mudanjiang City is an excellent tourist city.

Mudanjiang City is the political, economic and cultural center of southeast Heilongjiang Province. It has nine counties (cities) and districts under its jurisdiction. Mudanjiang City is an excellent tourist city. It is known as the “Snow City of China”, because when the winter comes, snow falls on the mountains, and then, Mudanjiang becomes a fascinating world of ice and snow, and is a place where there are the largest snow castles in the world, Chinese Snow Town known domestically and internationally, mysterious and spectacular Jingpo Lake winter fishing activities, king of the beasts in the Huxiao Mountain, fascinating forest resorts between the mountain ranges, majestic and grand forests and snowfields...

Snow Castle of the Snow City

The Snow Castle in Mudanjiang is the largest in Asia. It is a landscape integrated with multidisciplinary arts such as gardens, architecture, sculpture and music. Mudanjiang Snow Castle is located by the beautiful Jingbo Lake, full of the rich Northeastern China features and the city's profound historical culture. The natural landscape Snow Castle takes you into a snowy fairy tale world. In addition, flying disc, football, bowling, rickshaws and about 20 entertainments bring tourists with satisfaction and excitement. The Snow Castle is spotlessly clean and as white as a polished jade in the daytime, while at night, it is under colorful lights, giving tourists a fancy world.

Snow Village of the Snow Country

The Snow Country in China, located in Bimodal Forest Farm of Mudanjiang, has abundant snow of unique shapes. Every year a large number of domestic and foreign photographers, artists and tourists come here for creation, skiing, snow-capped landscape and tourism. In addition to the original snow-capped landscape, which is not reproducible elsewhere, there are also China Snow Country Film and Television Base, Best Scenic Spots on Yangcao Mountain, Dream Home, Great Snow Valley, 10 km Yaxue Road Ice and Snow Gallery, Yaxue Courier Station and other attractions in the Snow Country. Snow Village, located in the Mountain of Weihu of Chaihe Forestry Bureau, has wonderful snow eaves, snow “mushrooms” and other original snow-capped landscapes. These scenic areas have been built with complete service facilities. In addition to the upscale hotels, local folk hotels "snow family" can’t be missed where you can “drink a big bowl of liquor and have stewed chicken with mushrooms with friends sitting on the Kang (a heated brick bed in North China)" and feel the profusion and enthusiasm of Northeastern Chinese people.

Ice cascade and diving

Since the beginning of winter, Jingbo Lake scenic area in Mudanjiang has made use of the natural conditions of Diaoshuilou Waterfall in the scenic area, supplemented by drainage, injection and other ways to create an icy waterfall scenery of the Diaoshuilou Waterfall for tourists. In the world of pure snow, Guinness Book of Records creator - China cliff diving person, Di Huanran, stretches his arms and plunges into the water nearly 20 meters below from the top of Diaoshuilou Ice Waterfall at over minus 20℃ in the surprising gaze of people, which has become a landscape of Jingbo Lake scenic area in winter.

Winter fishing at the Jingbo Lake

Winter fishing in Jingbo Lake can be traced back to the Liao and Jin dynasties. The water quality of Jingbo Lake river system is good, so the fishery resources in the Lake are very rich. There are more than 60 species of fish. The fishing site is located in the south lake of Jingbo Lake. Before fishing, there will be a ceremony to “offer worship to the Lake and awaken the fishing net". In fishermen's sonorous work songs, the net, which is more than 800 meters long, gradually slides out of the ice, and soon afterwards, bighead carps, crucian carps, carps, etc. roll and jump on the ice. The marvelous spectacle of "thousands of fresh fishes out of water" on Jingbo Lake is absolutely stunning. Fishing on Jingbo Lake in winter has set a national record haul of 430,000 kilogram of fish from 1 fishing net, which has not been broken yet. This winter, Jingbo Lake launched the “Big Net for Fishing, Small Net for Hanging" and other activities to attract tourists for fishing and fish tasting.

The Town of Hot Springs

Under the lava plateau of Jingbo Town, there are abundant groundwater and geothermal resources. Jingbo Town has made full use of these resources, and built six hot spring pools in Tang style, and created a world-class healthy hot spring. There are reception rooms, dressing rooms and lounges in surroundings with complete facilities and elegant environment. In the snowy winter, bathing in an outdoor hot spring, experiencing the contrast of temperature and feeling the magic of the nature, is definitely a memorable life experience.

Linkou Rime

The several miles of the rime valley is located in the downstream of the Lianhua Power Station Dam in Lianhua Town, Linkou County. The intermittent power generation of the Lianhua Power Station promotes the surface of the downstream river to form a special unfrozen state in winter, which naturally creates a rime wonder for several kilometers. The rime varieties and area rank top in China. Apricot, elm, juniper, etc. on the steep mountain are covered with snow, creating a glittering and translucent landscape as that of "hundreds of blooming willow and thousands of pear blossom", a paradise for photography lovers. During the Rime Festival, there will also be a national ice auto rally, and visitors can enjoy the cool feeling of high speed in the world of ice and snow. They can also witness professional standards and feel the stimulation of speed.

Alpine skiing

Mudanjiang has over 10 ski resorts, such as Mudanfeng Ski Resort, Hengdaohezi Ski Resort, China Snow Country Ski Resort and Dawan Ski Resort. These ski resorts have large amounts of high-quality snow, long snow period, high quality ski routes and complete skiing equipment and related supporting facilities. While, their skiing environment is distinctive, for example, the Mudanfeng Ski Resort has excellent natural environment for skiers to personally feel the unique charm of the snowy forest; Hengdaohezi Ski Resort allows skiers to experience not only speed and passion, but also the vicissitudes of the century-old town and exotic Russian architectures; China Snow Country Ski Resort has been the winter training base of Bayi Ski Team for decades, and trained a large number of sport-on-snow athletes for China. Putting on a bright ski suit and speeding in the steep mountains and snowy forests to enjoy the pleasure of dancing in a boundless world is the dream of many travelers from southern areas of China.

Frightful appearance of tigers

Hengdao Siberian Tiger Park is the largest artificial breeding base of Siberian tigers in the world. At present, there are more than 400 purebred living Siberian tigers. The Park consists of 8 scenic spots including fierce tiger park, cub park, science museum, rare animals viewing area and large animal performance venues. If you come here in winter, you can feel the speed of the king of the beasts running in the boundless snowy forest, see Siberian tigers contently lying in the snow and "talking to each other", and experience the thrilling moment when a group of tigers are fighting for food.

Tracking in the snowy forest

Mudanjiang is the place where the story Tracks in the Snowy Forest takes place. Tracks in the Snowy Forest is not only a legend of the hero Yang Zirong suppressing bandits, but also a poetic portrayal of the boundless snowy forest and snowfield in northeast China. Based on the story of Tracks in the Snowy Forest, we have built the Tiger Mountain Film and Television City, and the prominent peak scenic area, and launched "hiking in the snowy forest" and "self-driving tour in the snowy forest". Landscapes lie throughout the journey, so that tourists can appreciate the snowy forest, winding and precipitous silvery mountains, the boundless snowfield dotted with the snowy forest, and walk into in the noiseless forest and step in the knee-deep snow-capped path to play a snowball battle and have a dog sleigh ride, interesting and providing tourists with experiences of the original Northeastern China folk customs.

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