6 Things to do in Panama City

Publish Time:2018-02-12 10:38:50Source:Municipio de Panamá

【Introduction】:6 Things to do in Panama City

1. Panama Canal

For excellence, the main icon and tourist attraction of the country and our city.

2. “Casco Antiguo”(Old Town)

The Old Town of Panama City Historical Heritage (UNESCO), is not just about history; it is also a place to taste different foods and drinks in open-air cafes, restaurants and bars, surrounded by good music.

3. “Cinta Costra” (Seaside Road)

A place to enjoy green areas without leaving the downtown (over 35 hectares, 16 of which are completely destined to green spaces). Bordering the Panama Bay, the road connects modern Punta Paitilla to Casco Antiguo. As you walk along, the road will take you from the skyscrapers on one end to the colonial-era constructions on the other side.

4. Causeway & Biomuseo

The Causeway is a narrow land-bridge, built with extracted rocks during the construction of the Panama Canal, that connects the continent with three islands next to the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Canal. The Biomuseo (designed by Frank Gehry) unites, in a unique way, science, art and design to tell the story of how Panama changed the natural world as well know it.

5. Embera Village

An indigenous territory in northeast of Panama City. The only means of transportation in the jungle is sailing up a scenic rainforest river to an authentic Embera indigenous village on a river bank

6. National Parks

Enjoy more than 5 protected areas that surround the city, ideal for bird watchers and lovers of outdoor activities.

(Source: Municipio de Panamá)

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