Air China to Launch Beijing - Copenhagen Flight, Let's Travel Around Copenhagen by Bike to Cure Your "After-Spring Festival Syndrome"

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【Introduction】:Air China plans to launch the Beijing - Copenhagen flight on May 30th, 2018. Now Air China has brought the Copenhagen travel guide to you, hoping this splendid travel experience can help rejuvenate your normal energy to work again.

We have been hoping to enjoy ourselves during the Spring Festival, but it has ended in a blink of an eye.

Air China plans to launch the Beijing - Copenhagen flight on May 30th, 2018. Now Air China has brought the Copenhagen travel guide to you, hoping this splendid travel experience can help rejuvenate your normal energy to work again.

In Copenhagen, if you see white collared workers dressed in suits, long skirts, or high-heeled shoes riding bikes past you, please don’t feel surprised, for nearly everyone rides a bike there. There are bike lanes on the city road of Copenhagen, which guarantees that the local residents can ride bikes safely and conveniently. You can also see bike rental shops here and there. Rent a bike, and ride it like the locals do to enjoy the scenery along the way. Think about it, and it is enjoyable. It is also convenient to ride a bike to the tourist attractions such as sand beaches, forests, parks, meadows and so on in the north of the city.

Rent a bike

Bike rental shops are scattered around every corner of Copenhagen. It usually costs 75 krone to rent one bike for a day, and 350 krone for a week.

There is another cheaper choice. You can use a completely free public bike to travel around the city. Once you put 20 krone into the free bike parking at the professional bike station, you can ride. After riding, park and lock the bike at any bike station, and the money you put into the bike will be refunded to you. If you consult the city’s bike tour map, you can ride the bike to travel around the city and find the bike stations along your travel route.

Bring your bike to the subway and train

If you have already paid for the S-train that travels around Copenhagen, you can bring your bike onto the train. If you wish to head for the surrounding areas of Copenhagen by train or take the subway, you also need to buy a bike ticket in addition to your train/subway ticket. There is more related information at the train station for everyone to refer to.

Bike travel

In contrast, Copenhagen is a small city, and its attractions are densely packed in the city center or its surrounding areas, and you can ride a bike to easily travel to such places. There is a safe bike lane on the road of the city, which is divided from the highway transportation. After cycling around the whole city along the bike lane, you will feel relieved and comfortable.

Everything is ready. Please begin your Copenhagen bike trip soon.

The King’s Garden, known as Rosenborg Garden, is the oldest garden in Denmark, built by Christian IV according to the Renaissance style at the beginning of the 17th century. Now the garden has turned out to be the most popular place for leisurely activities. During hot summers, the puppet performance will also be held here. During sunny days, the meadow will be crowded with the people who love sun bathing. During the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, lots of bands will perform here too.

The park Fælledparken is the largest park in Copenhagen, and is extremely popular. There is a children’s playground, chess and card tables prepared for those who love these games, a playground, a dance hall, and a meadow prepared for all kinds of activities.

Many tourists will visit the cemetery of Copenhagen in spring and summer, for it looks like a park, where people can jog, ride bikes or take a stroll in the park full of flourishing flowers and grass fields. The quietness and serenity that it features can make every visitor joyful and relaxed.

New Harbour is the best tourist resort. You may enjoy the meal at a carefree and cozy restaurant, or buy some beer at the nearby shops like the locals, and then drink what you bought near the harbor while enjoying the unique scenery of this place. Copenhagen Bicycles is located at the beautiful New Harbour (Nyhavn), and you can easily rent a bike there.

Pictures and part of the content of the article are authorized by Air China to publish from: Visit Copenhagen and Visit Denmark.

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