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【Introduction】:Articles about spring and Jiangnan have been an important part of Chinese literary writers’ works since the ancient times of China, with lots of them being well-known to most people.


Articles about spring and Jiangnan (Wiki: A geographic area in China referring to lands immediately to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta) have been an important part of Chinese literary writers’ works since the ancient times of China, with lots of them being well-known to most people.

Some of their works depict the tender grass, birds, and willows in spring, and others write about the season’s flowers inside cities, misty drizzles, villages, hills, and the Yangtze River. The classical Chinese poetry collection Book of Songs describes spring like this: Spring always comes so late although people have been longing for it, and when it comes, flowers, grass and trees grow so fast that their flowering season will just disappear in a blink of an eye.


Therefore, you should pack up your gear, get dressed in light and graceful clothing, and enter the scroll painting of Jiangnan to cherish the golden time of spring.

Suzhou has already been known as a city of classical gardens and water towns, and its classical gardens’ history can date back to the Spring and Autumn Period of the Sixth Century B.C., when Ruler of the Wu Kingdom’s Yuanyou (a garden functioning for touring and hunting) was still kept. From the large gardens such as the Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden, to the small gardens such as the Great Wave Pavilion, Lion Grove Garden, Master of the Nets Garden, and Retreat & Reflection Garden, they are all beautiful as classical gardens, and reveal the essential spirits of mountains and rivers. In addition, the reputed Tiger Hill with the fame of “Top Attraction in Wuzhong District” also poses as a must-see attraction. The scenery outside of Gusu Town is also appealing, and there are also two water towns: Tongli and Zhouzhuang, located in the suburban areas of Suzhou. All these man-made and natural views have worked together to form the extremely charming unique Jiangnan style.

Recommended flight: Direct flight from Beijing to Shanghai or Wuxi, and transfer to the coach bus, high-speed train, or other vehicles.


The misty drizzles and Lake Taihu have given birth to the past and present of the City of Wuxi. When the soft singing style of Xiju Opera is blended into the Buddhist sound of the Mount Lingshan, the tune of Erquan Yingyue, as well as all kinds of Wuxi snacks such as Wuxi Pork Ribs, then, time stops. Spring is the season when Wuxi’s plum blossoms, azalea flowers, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, and magnolia successively bloom everywhere, and the atmosphere of spring floats into the air. From the beginning of spring, all varieties of temple fairs will be held in a bustling atmosphere, as is a good opportunity for tourists to touch the local customs up close.

Recommended flight:

Direct flight from Beijing to Wuxi: *CA3457 (ZH9157)


Spring is the best season to visit Yangzhou, for it drizzles during the reason, and the rare flower species Chinese Snowball is in full bloom, and will give off a strong fragrance. Yangzhou features cultural relics, including the Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, Geyuan Garden, and He Garden, which you cannot miss if you visit the city.

Recommended flight: Direct flight from Beijing to Yangzhou: CA1841


The porcelain air travels to every corner of Jingdezhen (or Town of Jingde), which you can only detect when you clam down. You may step into a porcelain workshop, which produces antique-like items, to observe how the old craftsman makes porcelain artworks or try their techniques by yourself, search for the idyllic interest in the old town, and feel the touch of art and experience the original ecological living environment in the Ceramic Art Village... That’s why so many visitors coming to the town find it hard to go back home afterwards.

Recommended flight: Direct flight from Beijing to Jingdezhen: CA1887


Changzhou is situated in the center of the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta. Tourists will get a special travel experience when traveling to Changzjou’s reputed Tianning Temple with the fame of “Top Jungle in Southeastern China”, eco-friendly South Mountain Bamboo Sea Ecological Scenic Area, provincial tourist resort Tianmu Lake which integrates forest travel, agricultural sightseeing, environmental protection and lake entertainment, Jiangnan gardens, which were built by putting together cultural relics and natural views, Dongpo Park, Wafangshan Tourist Resort and so on.

Recommended flight: Direct flight from Beijing to Changzhou: CA1825


Ningbo is a city known to the outsiders for its history and culture, and serves as one of the top three economic centers in Zhejiang Province, where there are emerald mountains and beautiful waters, rich culture, snacks around the Chenghuang Temple, and night views of the three rivers. All of them will always make you want to stay. In a word, the Ningbo spring is attractive and very suitable for going on outings.

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Direct flights from Beijing to Ningbo: CA1839/CA1541/CA1853

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