Ethnography Museum Geneva

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【Introduction】:One of Switzerland’s two most important ethnographic collections!

The MEG get the "European Museum of the Year Award"!

One of Switzerland’s two most important ethnographic collections!

Through exhibitions and temporary stage sets, the Ethnography Museum Geneva addresses the diversity of cultures and the riches of their differences. With a structure that reflects the importance of its collections, the MEG has been revived and suggests approaching ethnology from multiple angles, between social sciences, arts, natural sciences and living practices.

Address Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65 - 1205 Genève Web: Email: Telephone: 022 418 45 50

Opening times Tuesday to sunday: 11 am - 6 pm

Closed on monday


Adult price: 9 CHF

Geneva Pass: FREE

Child price: 0 CHF

Group price: 6 CHF

AVS price: 6 CHF

Conditions Adult: CHF 9

Retired: CHF 6

Small group: CHF 6

Young people up to 18: admission free

On the first Sunday of every month: admission free

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