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Events at the Waterside Will Be Held in Hamburg's Urban Shore

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【Introduction】:Before the summer of 2018 started, Hamburg had become the source of joy and happiness. Any sports or contests in warm weather held on the water or at the waterside were perfectly suitable for this city.

Before the summer of 2018 started, Hamburg had become the source of joy and happiness. Any sports or contests in warm weather held on the water or at the waterside were perfectly suitable for this city. It is certain that people have high expectations for the upcoming events this year such as Hamburg Port Anniversary, ELBJAZZ festival, Vogelball, and Hamburg Cruise Days Festival, appealing to the millions of visitors to the Elbe River and the port. All the above mentioned provides enough clues for the agenda of this year.

You can visit and watch the videos to get a preview for the forthcoming activities.

Festivals, concerts, book readings, parties, masquerade balls, live concert screenings, and poetry slams in the open air – and all of this against the unique backdrop of the Elbe River. At Hamburg’s waterside, a multitude of exciting events and activities ensure a continuous flow of inspiration. And there is one thing for sure: this flow of inspiration is far from ebbing away. Because at Hamburg’s urban shore, people get together as a community. Whether it is at the MS Dockville, the ELBJAZZ festival, the Elbfest, the popular Port Anniversary festival or the concert screenings of the Elbphilharmonie: this is where people of all ages get together to celebrate and enjoy the unique energy of Hamburg’s event scene.

Every year, plenty of music, art, and culture events bring the audience the unparalleled sensation on every stage of Hamburg. The schedule for 2019 is still under the plan, and there are some highlights around the corner.

The City of Water Music

Centered on the concept of “Water Music”, Hamburg International Music Festival will be held from April 27 to May 29 with the theme of classical music, performance, and art. The festival venue includes the splendid Elbphilharmonie and an industrial site by the Elbe River. The audience can fully take part in the cutting-edge music at ELBJAZZ festival. Meanwhile, MS Dockville will display the latest music trend set in the industrial ports. In addition, art and performances will be presented to the audience during the Vogelball (August 3) and the MS Artville music festival (from July 21 to August 11). What makes the concept more meaningful is the concert screenings of the Elbphilharmonie at the end of August or the beginning of September, exactly echoing the theme of “Water Music”.

There are a series of music activities settled at the waterside in metropolitan areas of Hamburg, including SHMF from July 6 to September 1, Wacken Open Air from August 1 to August 3, and A Summer’s Take from August 1 to 4, as well as the eminent Reeperbahn Festival known as the largest European club festival held from September 18 to 21.

Various activities on the water and at the waterside

Experiencing the Sea World

Speaking of the unprecedented maritime events, the annual Hamburg Cruise Days Festival held on September 13 to 15 is another occurrence surely worth mentioning in the 2019 agenda. At that time, the Port of Hamburg will become a grand stage of cruise giants, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Additionally, more than 12 cruises will conduct their record-breaking voyages.

“Events at the waterside” Video Series Rehearsing for Next Summer

“Events at the waterside” is the last one of three urban shore videos, presenting Hamburg’s waterside scenery and making the audience wholly immersed in a coastal lifestyle. You can find more relevant videos like “waterside life”, “waterside culture”, and other useful tips on

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