World Tourism Cities III

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【Introduction】:City is the important base of tourism development while tourism is an important sector that promotes the development of a city. The two are dependent on and enhance each other. Nowadays a modern city should not only be a city fit for living but also be a city fit for traveling. Aiming at making city local people’s happy home and tourists’ paradise.

World Tourism Cities III main points:

High Lights & Events

Activities of WTCF City Members in the First Quarter of 2015


WTCF Assists in the Development of Tourism Cities

New Media: A New Way in the Communication of Tourism Culture

Development Trend of Inbound Tourism


Chronicle of WTCF

Speech Excerpt on the Opening Ceremony of the Summit


Morocco & Its Historic Cities

Chongqing: A City With Magic & Multiple Characteristics

Boston: Heart of the US

Rome: Romantic Outdoor Museum

Riga: Soul City of Baltic Sea

London: A Graceful City


The Necessary Resources for a Destination Promotion

Brand Management of Tourism and Cultural Resources


The Transformation of Tourism Media in the Context of Internetity

Utour Leading New Fashion of Outbound Tourism


The Silk Road

The World Tourism Cities Federation’S We Media

Introduction to Newly Enrolled Members

Member List of World Tourism Cities Federation


Strategic Partner

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