World Tourism Cities XI

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【Introduction】:World Tourism Cities XI, theme: Greetings, 2017: Colorful Carnival for Everyone Around the World

World Tourism Cities XI main points:



Cheng Hong, Executive Deputy Chairperson of WTCF Council and Vice Mayor of Beijing Attends the 5th Global Summit on City Tourism of UNWTO

WTCF Secretariat Attends WTM 2016 to Serve Members with Every Effort Through Reports Rleasing, Joint Exhibiting and Arranging Meeting

Chinese Tourism Cities Overseas Promotion Seminar is Held in Macao

WTCF Hosts Sub-Forum at Global Tourism Economy Forum-Transformation of City Tourism Consumption

World Tourism Cities Federation Help Its Member City Xiamen Build a Leisure Tourism Center

World Tourism Cities Federation Launches Official iChannel at iQIYI Travel

Special Report: Greetings, 2017: Colorful Carnival for Everyone Around the World

Helsinki: Christmas Night of Baltic Sea's Daughter

Moscow: Every Snow Brings You Back to the 19th Century

Harbin: All the Way up North, Encounter the Snow

When We Talk About Travel, We Mean SHOPPING

Go on a Movie Festival Trip: The Cities of Celluloid World's Sorrow and Delight

Special Report

World Tourism Cities Meet Again to Seek New Patterns for Global Tourism Development - 2016 World Tourism Cities Federation Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit Was Successfully Held


It's Winter, Let's Go See the Northern Lights in Saint Petersburg

Impression of the Beijing Temple of Heaven


Release of Report on World Tourism Economy Trends (2017)

Release of Annual Report on Development of World Tourism Cities (2016)

Industry Sharing

Putting Idle Items to Use with Sharing Economy


A Far-Sighted Differentiation - an Exclusive Interview with Yu Dunde, Co-Founder and CEO of


Late Autumn Longing, Love in Dresden

Church of Saint Sava: The Power of Silence

On the Road

China International Travel Service Ltd.-We Will Take You Away from the Cold of the Northern Hemisphere

Travel with Caissa - Experience a Different Kind of Holiday

Merry Yummy German Christmas!


Wearable Smart Ski Technology

Introduction of New Members

Punta del Este


NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences


Global News

Sapporo's New Chitose Airport Terminal Opens New Recreational Facility "Hello Kitty's Happy Flight"

"Panda Cyclone" Invites European Tourists to Experience "Virtual Travel"

Beijing Launches Direct Flights to Las Vegas

Hangzhou/Beijing to Lisbon Air Route Will Be Officially Launched in the Summer of 2017

Nanjing to Focus on Creating Three Heritage Parks

South Australian Tourism Promotes Direct Flight to Adelaide

Russia Plans to Launch Discount Passes for Chinese Tour Groups

Chongqing Airport Launches "Self-Service Baggage Check System"

Bankok Selected the World's Best Tourist City

The Renovation of the Stairs in Roma Where Hepburn Used to Have Ice Cream Complete, Site to Be Reopened to the Public

Madrid Turning Crosswalks into Graffiti


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