World Tourism Cities XIII

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【Introduction】:World Tourism Cities XIII, theme: Travel the World in Search of Flowers -Stories of Flowers and Cities

World Tourism City XIII main points:



WTCF Co-Hosts the 51st ITB Berlin Convention

Visit Australia and Connect India - WTCF Boosts Tourism Cooperation Between Countries Along the Routes of "Belt and Road Initiative"

Minister of Tourism & Hospitality Industry(Zimbabwe) Visits WTCF Secretariat

The 2017 GITF Held: WTCF Actively Recommending City and Institutional Members

Special Report: Travel the World in Search of Flowers -Stories of Flowers and Cities

Washington: 2017 Guide to the Cherry Blossom Festival

Chinese Viburnum in Yangzhou: The First Flower between Heaven and Earth

Plovdiv: Attending an Appointment with Roses

Ottawa: Tulips with Gratitude

Special Report

Join Hands in the New Development of the Belt and Road Tourism

Call to Action: Building Node Cities on the Belt and Road Tourism City Corridor

WTCF Expert Committee Re-election Meeting is Held

Industry Sharing

One Belt One Road for the Development of Asia Pacific Tourism Cities


Adventures in Penang


Los Angeles: A Travel Destination of Unprecedented Opportunity - An Interview with Mr Ernest Wooden Jr., President and CEO of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

TripAdvisor: Help Travellers to Be Well Informed in Their Travels - an Exclusive Interview with Daniel Pan, Chief of Staff, TripAdvisor China

An India Beyond Our Imaginations A Journey Beyond Measures - World Tourism Cities Federation Deputy Secretary-General Yan Han's Impressions on India


The Spring Scenery of March The Exquisite Island of Kvushu

On the Road

Charming Visit to Five Countries in Central and Eastern Europe

The Limitless Scenes of North Africa

The Bridges of Lucerne—Kapellbrucke


Preview of Member Cities' Festivals April 2017

Preview of Member Cities' Festivals May 2017


Extraordinary Travel with S&T

Introduction of New Members


Global News

Malaysia's Penang Zheng He Culture and Art Museum Completed

Belarus Policy Allows Five-day Visa-free Stay for Chinese Citizens

Emirates Airlines Offers Consigning Service for Passengers Carrying Large Electronic Devices Prior to Boarding Flights to the United States

Incorporating Latest Technology, Israel Launches Innovative Visits to the Wailing Wall


Strategic Partner

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