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Extraordinary Travel with S&T

Publish Time:2017-06-12 15:53:04Source:WTCF

【Introduction】:When experiencing extraordinary outdoor travel, a set of smart S&T gadgets can upgrade your experience and ensures your safety.

Extraordinary Travel with S&T

When experiencing extraordinary outdoor travel, a set of smart S&T gadgets can upgrade your experience and ensures your safety.

Mountain-climbing Headlamp

When climbing a mountain at night, using a smart headlamp is hugely important. Safety comes first in the outdoors. A high-tech outdoor headlamp not only makes the fun of nighttime climbing possible, but also guarantees climbers' safety. The new-generation outdoor smart headlamp for mountain-climbing, which adopts unique light sensation automatic adjustment technology, adjusts

its brightness automatically based on the outdoor environment to achieve the most appropriate possible luminous effect. It also has improved battery endurance. Some models of these headlamps have battery indicators that ensure users are informed of remaining battery reserves at all times. With high kinetic stability and IPX 4 high waterproof capability, these headlamps bring you a safer outdoor experience.

Smart Heart-rate Wristwatch

Despite being an indispensable part of our daily lives, the cellphone remains hugely inconvenient to use during mountain climbing. This reality has led to the development of the smart wristwatch. Connected remotely (within range of Bluetooth) with the cellphone using a smartphone App, a smart wristwatch features an interface that provides cellphone message alerts and allows users to deal with such messages. Such functions include SMS alerts, incoming call alerts, phone call answering, etc.

As a unique function of the smart wristwatch, the Daily Health Activity Trace not only records your daily activities but also displays your activity status vividly with diagrams on screen. The newly configured heart-rate belt, the smallest Bluetooth heart-rate monitoring device available on the market, integrates your workout data with Movesense™ technology. For example, it records and preserves your heart-rate data when you are swimming, and rapidly synchronizing the data with a smartphone App after you are out of the water. It dynamically shows your heart-rate variations while swimming. With super battery endurance, the smart wristwatch runs for as long as 50 hours in GPS mode.

In addition, the smart wristwatch has another interesting function. Each of the user's workouts or adventures can be rendered into a movie, featuring 3D maps and pictures which innovatively record your progress and leave behind an exciting visual record.

Adapter Enabling the Perfect Match of Mountain Climbing and Photography

Be it during the climb itself or when viewing the spectacular scenery after you've reached the mountain's peak, mountain climbers like to take pictures. However, with both hands holding trekking poles, a climb is not always the most convenient time for photography. Now, this problem has been solved. With a smart adapter, your trekking pole can instantly be turned into a camera.

With flexible dimensions, the smart adapter is applicable to most hand-held devices, including Apple products like the iPad mini and smartphones of various other brands. With a special device holder on this adapter, you can change the shooting angle at will by simply adjusting the angle of the holder. With this device, mountain climbing and photography, selfie in particular, go hand-in-hand to bring you an overall more pleasant experience.

Multifunctional Smart Walking Stick

While climbing mountains, a walking stick is a must. A walking stick not only assists during the climb itself, but also takes on many other functions.

With powerful functions, a multifunctional smart walking stick incorporates audio recording, memory cards, a compass, an alarm system, a flashlight and host of other important functions. It is now a new-generation fashion product ideal for the outdoors.

This walking stick boasts not only a beautiful appearance, but also a sling for convenient carrying and storage. With a high-strength retractable aluminum alloy stick, the user just needs to push the button across the stick's various sizing holes so as to adjust its length for users of different heights. With an LED flashing light, the stick can flash and provide warning. The rotatable light head provides short and long-distance illumination, and the stick's anti-splash design is safe and convenient. With a smart walking stick, you are ensured a more convenient climbing experience.

Smart Sunglass

In the outdoors, a pair of sunglasses reduces damage to eyes caused by the intensity of the sun. But some sunglasses can do much more than that. What if your sunglasses could also be used as a

trendy video camera?

There is such a pair of smart sunglasses, capable of 800 million pixel recording and unique functions such as photography and automobile data recording. With special silica gel materials for the nasal clip and the ear handle, it is remarkably comfortable when wearing. Also featuring functions such as stereophonic Bluetooth headphones and making phonecalls, it is indeed a multi-purpose pair of sunglasses.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses while driving effectively eliminates glare and enables video recording anytime and anywhere. A simple touch on the glasses' button starts the video recording, and recording can last as long as 1.5 hours. With such convenient and practical smart sunglasses, you can enjoy safe driving.

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