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Lapping Up Lapland: Chinese Visitors Love the Place

Publish Time:2017-11-15 13:41:56Source:http://travelweekly-china.com

【Introduction】:Finnair is launching a new route to Goa this week as part of the airline s largest expansion in its 94-year history.

(Source: Travel Weekly China)

Finnair is launching a new route to Goa this week as part of the airline's largest expansion in its 94-year history.

Building on its hub at Helsinki, the company will be operating to 20 intercontinental destinations. There will also be a significant increase in capacity for Lapland destinations.

"Lapland has been attracting hundreds of thousands of international tourists every year and the interest continues to grow steadily," says Juha Järvinen, chief commercial officer at Finnair.

"At present, the number one destinations in our network amongst Chinese tourists have been in northern Finland during the winter months. The past winter seasons have been particularly successful and we have increased our winter capacity to Lapland by nearly 140,000 seats over the past four years."

Järvinen said as well as the new destinations, Finnair is expanding its network and fleet, including its 11 Airbus A350s, and taking "important strides in our customer experience".

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