The 7th Shandong Cultural Industries Fair Held to Inject New Vitality in Shandong's Cultural Industry

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【Introduction】:Nowadays, the new growth drivers are taking the place of old ones in Shandong and the cultural industry s energy is developing at a rapid pace.

Nowadays, the new growth drivers are taking the place of old ones in Shandong and the cultural industry's energy is developing at a rapid pace.

From October 11 to 15, 2018, the 7th Shandong Cultural Industries Fair, which was hosted by People's Government of Shandong Province, was held in Jinan.

"The fair is a concrete manifestation of the sustainable development, as well as the exhibition of achievements in the cultural industry in Shandong," Wang Shaojie, the deputy director of the Coordination Leading Group of the Cultural Fair, said.

At the fair, the cultural innovation and creative elements attracted all the guests, injecting new vitality into the development of Shandong's cultural industry, and brought new impetus to the transformation of Shandong'sgrowth drivers.

Through the implementation of a powerful cultural province strategy, Shandong has reached a new level for developing the cultural industry. The added value of Shandong's cultural industry has increased from 183.44 billion RMB to 312 billion RMB during the past five years, from 2013 to 2017, which is much higher than the GDP growth rate.

According to the official proposal, the added value of the Shandong cultural industry will strive to reach 560 billion RMBby 2022, accounting for 5.6% of the regional GDP. In fact, the added value of the cultural industry accounts for a year-on-year increase in proportion with GDP. Besides Shandong, the gap between the added value of the cultural industry and the proportion of GDP has gradually narrowed throughout China.

Moreover, the cross-border integration of cultural industries is strengthening constantly in Shandong. The high integration of culture and tourism is a vivid example.

Linyi, a city in Shandong, exemplifies historical and cultural resources, such as calligraphy and military science, and has hosted both the 14th Shusheng Cultural Festival and the 8th Zhuge Liang Cultural Tourism Festival successively.

In addition, some industries, such as culture, science and technology, education, agriculture, commerce, sports andcatering have also seen a boost in development. They have spawned a number of emerging cultural formats with high integration, strong relevance, strong driving ability and long industrial chain.

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