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【Introduction】:China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office’s predecessor is China International Travel Service Head Office. It was established in 1954 under the solicitude of Premier Zhou Enlai.

China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office’s predecessor is China International Travel Service Head Office. It was established in 1954 under the solicitude of Premier Zhou Enlai. Its establishment was later approved by the Central People's Government Council. CITS is China’s first travel agency to receive overseas travelers, one of the first few to provide outbound services for Chinese travelers, China’s first enterprise member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), and the first one in the list of Beijing’s 5A travel agencies. CITS joined Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) respectively. CITS is also a vice president unit of China Association of Travel Services.


The establishment of CITS marks the very beginning of China’s tourism. The development of CITS is an epitome of the reform and development of the industry. In its 60-year history, CITS is committed to promoting communication between China and the world in every field, and facilitating friendly interaction between the Chinese people and people from all over the world, thus fully displaying its role of ‘civil ambassador’. Accumulatively CITS has attracted and received tens of millions of foreign travelers to visit China till today. Our national leaders including Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping all held meetings with foreign guests invited and organized by CITS. We made outstanding contribution to China’s foreign affairs and tourism over the decades.

China’s economy took off after China adopted the economic reform and open-up policy. Under the background of China’s economic success, through hard work and unremitting efforts of CITS people, CITS has become a large travel enterprise providing inbound travel, outbound travel, MICE, visa service, business travel service, airline ticketing, and e-commerce. CITS is China’s biggest travel service group in terms of size and strength, with excellent reputation world-wide. CITS won a lot of prizes and awards awarded by national level authorities and Beijing municipal government, including ‘The Best Travel Enterprise’, ‘Best Money-Making Travel Agency’, ‘Best Travel Agency Attracting the most Travelers ’, ‘Best Team of Beijing Forbidden City Cup’, etc. We are Number One in the list of China’s Top 100 travel agencies. In 2008, as the only travel service enterprise designated to provide assistance service to the overseas torch relay and to receive guests for Beijing Olympic Games, CITS did an excellent job, making great contribution to the success of the event. CITS also provided top-quality services to a variety of national-level events including the Shanghai Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Xi'an China International Horticultural Exposition, and Beijing Garden Expo. CITS won wide acclaim for outstanding performance in these events. The name - ‘CITS’ has become a brand recognized as number one in China, first-class in Asia, and famous around the world. Of China’s Top 500 most valuable brands published by World Brand Lab in 2015, the name - ‘CITS’ reached a higher spot in the list. Estimated to worth 41.267 billion Yuan, the brand CITS was ranked number one among all travel service brands. Once again, CITS took the leading position in China’s travel service industry.

In 2004, CITS merged with China Duty-free Company in a restrueture, forming CITS Group Corporation. In 2009, with China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office as its major subsidiary, China International Travel Service Corporation Limited successfully went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Under the leadership and support of CITS Group and CITS Corporation, CITS continues to consolidate its inbound travel business, develop its outbound travel, explore its domestic travel, promote its MICE business, and speed up its pace of setting up overseas visa centers, in an effort to enhance the brand power of CITS. We try to build and promote a set of brand names for different services - ‘CITS’ for inbound service, ‘Total Travel’ for outbound service, ‘CITS Vacation’ for domestic travel, ‘FIT Tour’ for independent travelers, ‘CITS MICE’ for MICE business, and ‘CITS On-line’ for e-business. We focus on two major tasks - expanding the sales network and developing the e-commerce platform, to continue to increase CITS’ operation scope and market share. In 2013 CITS’ operating revenue exceeded 10 billion Yuan, earning a profit of 100 million Yuan.

Today, CITS has 37 wholly-owned enterprises, 4 share-holding enterprises, near 1,000 street outlets, and more than 100 CITS Group council member agencies in China. We have 8 wholly-owned or majority-share-controlling overseas companies and 15 visa centers in 13 countries and regions around the world. In addition, we have established long-term and stable cooperation with more than 1,400 travel agencies in more than 100 countries. We have built a modern business network consistent with our development strategy of focusing on nationwide business and planning for global reach.

In the future we will continue to display the CITS spirit of can-do attitude, professionalism, efficiency, team work, and innovativeness. We will make advancement by exercising scientific development, deepening enterprise reform, optimizing resource allocation, changing development fashion, and accelerating the transition and upgrade of enterprise. We will further grow our business through further refinement of professional divisions, coordinated development, and intensified operation in our work. We aim to become an operator of an open travel platform, a leading enterprise in China, a top-class enterprise in the world, who controls core resources. We will commit ourselves to make bigger contribute to China’s ambition – becoming a country of strong tourism industry.

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