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【Introduction】:As an avant-garde metropolitan mainstream current political affairs daily newspaper, The Beijing News was founded on Nov 11th, 2003 It was awarded“ NO 1 in China Newspaper Brand Index Billboard” .

The Beijing News( is a mainstream daily newspaper based in Beijing. It is co-founded by Guangming Daily and Nanfang Daily Group, and it was supervised by the formers.

Approved by General Administration of Press and Publication, the regulatory authority of the Beijing News has been changed since Sep.1st,2011.The newspaper is now supervised by Propaganda Department of CPC Committee of Beijing City.

With its first issue being published on the 11th of November 2003, The Beijing News is the first Chinese newspaper co-founded by media groups from different regions in China. It is also China's first mainstream newspaper that adapts shareholding system.

The Beijing News's average print edition has 88 pages, and 112 pages on Friday. This makes it the single newspaper that provides readers the most information in Beijing. It is distributed both through subscription and retail outlets. Since it was established more than two years ago, its circulation has been on a steady rise. Now with a daily circulation of 776, 000, The Beijing News enjoys wide popularity among Beijing's mainstream readers.

The Beijing News has a tabloid print format. It can be divided into four sections in terms of content. Section A covers editorial and comments, news in Beijing, domestic news, international news and sports news; Section B covers business and financial news; Section C is about entertainment, arts and culture; Section D covers consumer guides and life style.

The Beijing News sticks to the principle of independent and objective reporting. It aims to provide readers with accurate and readable reports, striving for the moderate and constructive voice in our editorial. There are more than 330 journalists and editors working for the newspaper. They have produced lots of reports and comments, which spread well and enjoy high reputation in the media industry.

The Beijing News has cultivated many loyal readers, especially in the following sections: Comments, In-depth Report, Witness, Sports Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Book Review Weekly, Auto weekly, Real Estate Weekly, Global Weekly, Beijing Geography, Love Story in Beijing, etc.

The Beijing News pursues an easy-reading style with simple, modern and elegant format in a thick-newspaper era. The newspaper's emphasis on the usage of pictures and illustrations is pioneering in China. The photographers of The Beijing News have won many national news photo prizes. In 2006, the photographer was awarded Bronze medal prize in the World Press Photo (WPP) competition.

Abiding by relevant policies, The Beijing News has set up the company-oriented managing framework. In order to keep the independence and credibility, it separates reporting and editing departments from advertising and publishing. Due to its influence, credibility, deep understanding of the press market and unremitting practice, the brand value and managing achievements of "The Beijing News" are soaring. In three years, The Beijing News has been awarded by the authorities as "the media with the most investment potential"," the media with the most development potential", "the most pioneering media", "the most influential political newspaper" etc. The advertising revenue on publication amounts to 612 million RMB in 2006.

Source: Official Website of the Beijing News.

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