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Uniworld's Joie de Vivre Evokes City of Light's Charms in Paris

Publish Time:2017-04-20 10:15:22Source:http://travelweekly-china.com

【Introduction】:As with all Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection vessels, there are many distinctive art and design details scattered throughout the new Joie de Vivre, but in the case of the company s latest ship it s truly the smaller spaces that shine.

(Source: Travel Weekly China)

As with all Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection vessels, there are many distinctive art and design details scattered throughout the new Joie de Vivre, but in the case of the company's latest ship it's truly the smaller spaces that shine.

Christened here last week by actress Joan Collins, the 128-passenger Joie de Vivre was built to evoke early 20th century Paris, with vibrant artwork and interior touches that tip their hat to the City of Light's art and entertainment of that era.

But where the Parisian culture and charm is felt most is in a series of dining concept spaces that Uniworld introduced on the Joie de Vivre that make for a more dynamic experience onboard the vessel.

At the bow of the ship, attached to the lounge area, is the pleasantly low-key Le Bistrot, an alternative dining venue that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in true Parisian bistro style, featuring standards such as croissants, tartines, pate and cassoulet.

The French fare is served at a series of small tables saddled up to a long, red banquette that rests on a mosaic-tiled floor and against walls adorned with posters evoking the Moulin Rouge.

Perhaps the most ambitious space is the Club L'Esprit, a pool and juice bar by day that transforms into Claude's, a spirited supper club and live music venue by night, with a dance floor that rests atop a retractable pool cover. The space is adorned with festive, tropical decor, such as wallpaper featuring palm trees and wicker lounge chairs with leafy upholstery. At night, the low lighting is augmented by star-like lights that glitter on the ceiling.

Claude's will be open about three nights on any given one-week sailing. It serves shared small plates such as baked camembert, nicoise salad and steak au poivre. An attached, covered patio enables guests to either lounge alfresco, weather permitting, or behind a glass roof and windows.

The Club L'Esprit is open daily and also serves as the meeting point for several morning fitness classes such as yoga and aqua aerobics. During a couple nights on each sailing, Claude's will be converted into a small cinema that will show French movies.

Perhaps the only drawback to the success of Claude's intimate and welcoming atmosphere is that it draws away from the larger and less cozy main lounge, where live acts also perform but seemingly to a smaller crowd, with many passengers opting instead to cram into Claude's.

Passengers on the Joie de Vivre will also be able to reserve a seven-course, wine- pairing dinner at La Cave du Vin, a 12-person venue on the lowest deck of the ship, where a cooking demonstration will be followed by a menu that incorporates the resulting dishes. While other dining experiences are included in the price, this one costs approximately an additional $98 per person.

The main restaurant, which evokes a Cannes film festival feel, with gold palm trees adorning the buffet area alongside elegant tables with plush, white chairs, serves an elaborate buffet-style breakfast and lunch with French fare incorporated throughout. Dinner is a multicourse served meal with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and it is open seating so guests can begin their dinner anytime when its open.

During last week's christening cruise, several guests commented on the smaller size of the cabins, and there are indeed a combination of cozier accommodations as well as more spacious staterooms and suites. The Joie de Vivre offers five categories of staterooms, ranging from 162-square-foot lower-deck cabins to 410-square-foot suites.

The majority of the staterooms range from 180 square feet to 260 square feet. All suites and staterooms on the upper two decks have wall-to-wall retractable windows that drop down with the flip of a switch, converting into French balconies. Some suites can accommodate up to three people, and there are adjoining staterooms available as well. There are USB ports in the cabins and the lounge, and free WiFi is available to guests.

The Joie de Vivre also has a fitness and a spa room, two 24-hour tea-and-coffee stations and a guest laundry room.

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