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The 2nd Congress of Hebei Tourism Industry Development Held in Qinghuangdao

Publish Time:2017-11-14 15:24:53Source:Qinghuangdao Tourism Bureau

【Introduction】:The blessed land of the capital area welcomes friends from the world and enjoy the grand meeting in Hebei province. On the evening of September 17, the opening ceremony of The 2nd Congress of Hebei Tourism Industry Development in Hebei Province and the tourism culture promotion were held in Biluota Park, Beidaihe, Qinghuangdao.

The blessed land of the capital area welcomes friends from the world and enjoy the grand meeting in Hebei province. On the evening of September 17, the opening ceremony of The 2nd Congress of Hebei Tourism Industry Development in Hebei Province and the tourism culture promotion were held in Biluota Park, Beidaihe, Qinghuangdao. Xu Qin, Governor of Hebei Province, delivered a speech. Fu Zhifang, Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, attend the congress. Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Director of the World Tourism Organization, Zoltan Somogyi; and Zhang Jilin, Director of National Tourism Administration, delivered speeches respectively.

On behalf of the provincial party committee and provincial government, Mr. Xu Qin expressed sincere welcome and gratitude for long-standing support for Hebei to all the guests present at this congress. Tourism has an important strategic significance for the overall economic and social development. China's top political leader Xi Jinping emphasized that tourism is a comprehensive industry and an important driving force for economic development. It is also a bridge connecting civilization, culture exchange, and friendship, and it is an important indicator of improving people's living standards. More than 30 years ago, when Mr. Xi Jinping was working in Zhengding, Hebei, he pioneered the construction of Rongguofu scenic area, repaired the ancient tower, and rehabilitated the environment. It created a "Zhengding mode" of domestic tourism which still be the brilliant ideas.

Xu Qin said that Hebei is a magnificent chapter of beautiful China. China's top political leader Xi Jinping mentioned, "Hebei is a land of revolution, a land of heroes and a land where ‘New China’ came from". Its unique geographical location, beyond the capital city of Beijing and Tianjin, makes Hebei an important part of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city group. Hebei has 6 World Heritages, 5 national historical and cultural cities, and 278 national Cultural relic protection spots. Convenient transportation options form the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 1 hour traffic circle and half an hour commuter circle. Due to being rich with tourism resources, Hebei is the only province in China that includes seaside, plains, lakes, hills, mountains, plateau together. Noted for a microcosm of topography of China.

Through the exquisite PPT presentation, Mr. Xu Qin, together with the guests, witness the beautiful Yanzhao landscape and started the journey of blue coastal, green landscape, red culture, golden history, silver snow and color folk, getting the idea of Hebei's bright history and culture along with magnificent mountains and scenery. From the soft tide of the Bohai Sea coast to the foothills of the Taihang Mountain, from the endless South Ji Plain to the boundless North Bashang Grassland, from long standing and splendid Yanzhao culture to the charming folk customs, the colorful, beautiful and pleasant Hebei landscape mesmerized the guests.

Xu Qin pointed out that Hebei has already stood on the new starting point of history to develop and face a series of important and strategic challenges. We need to carefully implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and his instructions on Hebei’s development, and firmly carry out President Xi’s instructions on Comprehensive Tourism. Taking advantage of the rare opportunity, we can further push forward the tourism industry revolution that is inclined to the revolution of structure, and exert to create a Comprehensive Tourism model province. We should add the elements of beauty to every aspect of nature and our culture, embody these elements at every corner of our cities and towns, and infiltrate these elements into every inch of land in Hebei province, and spare no effort to create a more fantastic, more inclusive, and happier Hebei. Xu Qin sincerely invites friends of all fields and tourists to choose, tour around, and experience Hebei, and then, with tourism as the media, to share business opportunities, work together for development, and jointly create a better future.

Zoltan Somogyi said in his speech that China is a great one among the world’s tourism countries and also the fourth largest country that tourists visit, and the tourism industry has deeply influenced the Chinese economy. Hebei is a province rich in tourism resources, and it faces an important and strategic opportunity. Especially after Hebei was listed among the tourism model provinces of China, it has poured new energy into and expanded new space for the great development of the tourism industry. Under the prosperous development trend of China’s tourism industry and through the Congress of Tourism Industry Development that has been constantly held, the tourism industry of Hebei province is bound to welcome a better future.

Zhang Jilin said in his speech that the Party Committee and Government of Hebei Province hosted the Congress of Tourism Industry Development because they are aimed at implementing the Central Committee of the Party’s and the State Council’s important measures for the revolution and development of the tourism industry. Hosting the Congress will boost the transformation, upgrading and leap-forward development of Hebei’s tourism industry. Perfectly located, the resources of Hebei are densely scattered and have many varieties. As the leisure and resort time comes, Hebei’s tourism industry will face huge development challenges. We hope that Hebei can fully utilize the new regularities, new changes, and new characteristics of the tourism industry’s development, keep working hard to push forward the scientific and systematic development of the tourism industry, and finally create a unique all-for-one tourism development path with Hebei’s characteristics.

Tian Xiangli, member of Hebei Provincial Standing Committee and Head of Hebei Publicity Department, hosted the promotional meeting, and provincial leaders including Fan Zhaobing, Wang Zengli, Wang Xiaodong, Xu Ning, and Zhu Hao, Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, were present at the meeting.

Those who attended the promotional meeting include related leaders of the China National Tourism Administration, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and other national departments and committees. Heike, Head of the German Health and Medical Center; Wu Yiling, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and other international and domestic health care specialists; Russian, British, Serbian and other ambassadors to China; main figures in charge of renowned tourism companies and renowned major tourism association; related leaders from Heilongjiang province and Shenzhen City; and figures in charge of China’s renowned companies.

After the meeting, leaders that attended the meeting and the honored guests watched the performance with the theme of “Langdaosha, Beidaihe”, one of Mao Zedong’s poems.

That afternoon, Xu Qin, Fu Zhifang, and other provincial leaders met with the important guests that participated in the Congress.

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