Tuniu Releases the 2017-2018 Female Travel Consumption Analysis Report

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【Introduction】:As the income and education level of modern women constantly increases, their standard of living also keeps up.

As the income and education level of modern women constantly increases, their standard of living also keeps up. Relaxing themselves and reliving their stress through travel has turned out to be an indispensable part of their life.

The March 8th International Women’s Day has already come. Based on the female tourists’ travel consumption situation over the past year on its platform, Tuniu.com has released the 2017-2018 Female Travel Consumption Analysis Report, which systematically analyzes the preferences and characteristics of the current female tourists’ travel consumption.

The proportion of trips taken by females reaches beyond “Half the Sky”, with the youths born in the 2000s becoming the new growth point

Over the past year, the trip proportion of the female tourists, whom Tuniu has served, reaches beyond “Half the Sky”, soaring up to 54%.

The top 10 cities where these female tourists come from are Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Chengdu.

If divided by age, the female white-collar workers aged between 20 - 35 account for the lion’s share, which garners 54% of the total number of the female tourists; the female tourists after the proportion are aged between 36 and 60, and their trips account for 32%; and trips of the female tourists aged below 20 account for 12%. In addition, trips of the 2000s female youths’ travel consumption are rapidly increasing, with the year-on-year growth reaching more than 80%, and have become a new growth point in the leisure and tourism market.

Over the past year, the market share of domestic and outbound trips taken by females accounted for 73% and 27% respectively. Sanya, Xiamen, Lijiang, Beijing, Guilin, Chengdu, Kunming, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Dali are the top 10 long-distance destination cities in China which are the most popular for the female tourists. Compared with the previous year, Xi’an, Chengdu and other destination cities have joined the ranks of the top 10, turning into new favorites for the female tourists. The top 10 surrounding-area tourist destination cities which are favored by the female tourists are Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Changzhou, Chongqing, Zhoushan, Wuxi, Jiaxing, and Suzhou.

Among the popular destinations’ list of outbound travel, the top 10 destination countries are Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, France, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and United States; and the top 10 destination cities are Bangkok, Osaka, Tokyo, Nha Trang, Paris, Fukuoka, Singapore, Nagasaki, Siem Reap, and Chiang Mai. Among the popular romantic islands for female tourists, the islands including Bali, Phuket, Maldives, Saipan, Boracay, Koh Samui, Mauritius, Fiji, Tahiti, and Seychelles are their favorites.

Trips are taken more than 2 times per year, female tourists like to plan holidays and travel together with friends

According to the report, the average female tourists traveled more than 2 times over the past year. It is worth noting that because most women in their daily lives have to act like "housekeeper" for family and social expenses, they are more price sensitive than men in the purchase of travel products. Usually they will purchase after shopping around and comparing prices.

With the increasing number of visitors, tourism spending by female tourists is gradually increasing. With the exception of transportation, hotels, and food, there are also expenses like shopping for clothing, bags, skin care products, jewelry, local specialties, and tourist souvenirs, which cannot be underestimated.

Regarding itinerary planning, 49% of female users are more willing to arrange trips of 3 days or less. The proportion of going on a 4-6 day trip is 32%, and 19% of the female users will arrange a 6 day trip or longer.

How would females like to plan for their travel time? According to the booking data from Tuniu.com in 2017, arranging vacations during weekends, short holidays, and Golden Week is a common choice for them. To be more specific, in the past year, female travelers were more motivated to travel in April, July and October, etc. The number of those that travel during this period accounts for 37% of the total number of trips taken by females in 2017.

Regarding destination selection, “security” is the most considerable factor for women, according to Tuniu’s research, 90% of females agree that destinations that ranked higher on the security index are more reliable. Aside from that, the quality of natural views of the destinations is another significant factor for them, and is ranked as the secondary key figures for choosing destinations. Other influential elements include: convenience in visa application and flight selecting, Chinese traveler friendly index, commodity price index and currency rate, etc. It is worth mentioning that history, culture and folks of destinations will also be considered, and that will depend on the female travelers’ education background, experience, and curiosity.

Because the female travelers pay more much attention to security, and to ensure their safety, they prefer packaged tour over others. For those that choose DIY tour would travel together with families or friends. Among them, 39% of women choose to travel with 3 or more companions, and 32% of them choose to travel with 2 companions. The remaining 29% of women choose to travel alone.

“Word of Mouth” becoming a major factor affecting females choosing destinations, film location tour” is increasingly popular

For destination selection, 49% of females would seek recommendations among their friendship circles, 30% of them would like to go to the film locations of some films or TV series, 21% of the people make decisions depending on news, magazines, or broadcasting promotions. It is obvious that “Word of Mouth” is a key factor for females choosing destinations. At the same time, “film location tour” is becoming popular as well. In the past year, the hit TV series Eternal Love on air, attracted a large number of women visiting Puzhehei. The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes popularized Semporna. The blockbuster Wolf Warriors II makes the Masai Mara welcomed by women. Some other destinations in Kenya are also very popular.

In addition, the booking data of Tuniu in 2017 indicates that some female travelers like to experience new things, such as trekking through the jungle, water rafting, scuba diving, and skydiving, etc. Take “Brisbane Skydiving” in Australia for example, in the last year, the number of females who book the item increased 24% over 2016.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, flowers are in full blossom, plus the references of the booking data of Tuniu in the same period in 2017 and March of 2018, it can be predicted that Wuhan, Linzhi, Wuyuan, and Xinghua will gain large numbers of visitors before and after the Women’s Day. Aside from appreciating flowers, female travelers also like natural views, amusement parks, and participate in fruit picking in nearby destinations. To satisfy the consumers’ needs, Tuniu offers discounts on tickets of some scenic spots including Shenzhen Happy Valley, Luzhi Ancient Town, Chinese Dinosaur Park, and Guangzhou Chimelong.

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