Four Seasons: April Promotions

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【Introduction】:Spring is a time of growth. From leaves budding on tree branches to flowers blooming in gardens across the city, spring in Beijing means new life and new experiences. At Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, you will have a good experience of the spring with the various wonderful activities the hotel holds.

Four Seasons: April Promotions


Diamonds Are Forever

Catch the sparkle of Diamonds while you relax over a perfectly prepared classic cocktail at EQUIS LOUNGE. EQUIS is home to Diamonds, a versatile four-member band that has graced the stages of the very finest 5-star hotels throughout the world. From 60s classics to modern-day smashes, Diamonds’ vast musical repertoire spans the range of soulful sounds from every decade. Get ready for a night of music designed to make you move, backed by DJ Naomi with her eclectic lineup of funk, pop, electronica and synth-infused mixes.

Four Seasons: April Promotions


Beijing - London: Afternoon Tea

Time in Beijing and London collide at Opus with a special afternoon tea that pits the culinary skills of Executive Pastry Chef Paul Kelly against Chef Martin Ma. Each chef will bring his A-game to the table with traditional dishes of sweet and savory tea specialties from their respective hometowns. Taste delicious Longjing Shrimp Salad with XO Sauce and Jelly, Jinhua Ham Crisp with Pear and Gel Ham Powder and Beijing Cheese with Black Truffle Honey and Dry Fruit Bread.

Four Seasons: April Promotions


A True Taste of Canton

Taste the true flavors of the south with an extended menu of modern twists on traditional Cantonese dishes at Cai Yi Xuan. With a swath of delicious plates prepared by an expert culinary team, Cai Yi Xuan’s new menu does not disappoint. Savor daily homemade dim sum, authentic Cantonese-style seafood and desserts and specialties such as Cantonese Baked honey-marinated cod fillet served with sautéed celery, Double-boiled fresh abalone chicken broth in whole coconut, joint with live cooking Dim Sum such as Baked buns filled with barbecued pork & 3 pieces Onions and Oven-baked whole abalone puff with Diced chicken.


Enjoyable Italian Spring

It’s always spring time in Italy in award-winning Chef Aniello Turco’s kitchen. Enjoy the Italian flavors of dishes prepared with select seasonal ingredients from local organic farms, with Canadian Botan shrimp, Alaskan cod and lobster and a range of high-quality organic meats. In the hands of Chef Aniello and his talented culinary team, these simple ingredients are transformed into healthy, creative combinations served “AL DENTE” that will transport guests to the warm, seaside beaches of the South Italy in spring.

Four Seasons: April Promotions

Tea Garden

The Scent of Spring

Inhale the scent of spring with a selection of fresh, seasonal Chinese teas. Plucked from the finest southern tea gardens and transported to your cup, these brews refresh both body and soul. Our in-house Tea Master will demonstrate the process of stir-drying tea, giving guests the chance to experience traditional Chinese tea culture. Be sure to sample some of the new spring tea collections, including Remarkably Longjing, Lu’an Melon Seed Tea (Guapian), Huanghshan Maofeng Tea and Bitan Snow Tea.

Four Seasons: April Promotions


A Leg Up for Summer

Get ready for summer with special spa treatments that slim, shape and define your curves and make your skin smooth, soft and supple. After spending hours at a desk or on long-haul flights, your body needs a treat. Refresh tired legs with a Body Drain and Slimming Treatment that eases the appearance of varicose veins, drains water retention and refreshes the muscles. Followed by a lymphatic detox massage, combined with active essential oils that stimulate circulation and reduces tissue pressure, this treatment truly puts a spring in your step.

Four Seasons: April Promotions

NOWHERE - No Where, Now Here

Artist in Residence 3.0

Art is everywhere. From our daily interactions with others, to eating, observing, relaxing and working, creation is at the core of what we do, feel and see. In Creation in Continuity, Artist-in-Residence at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Cui Fenghua collaborates with key craftspeople throughout the hotel to create unique experiences for guests that stimulate the heart as well as the senses. In this edition, Cui Fenghua takes inspiration from Keith Motsi’s Smokey Old Fashioned, a cocktail that is based on this master’s first impression of Beijing’s smoky skies, to create an oil painting and a neon lamp.

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