CAISSA Touristic and Brand USA Reach Strategic Partnership

Publish Time:2018-05-14

【Introduction】:On May 9th, CAISSA Touristic and Brand USA jointly held the “Happy Freshness, Happy Wonderfulness” themed press conference in Beijing, and shared the “Seven Travel Methods + Nine Featured Themes” for traveling around the USA.

On May 9th, CAISSA Touristic and Brand USA jointly held the “Happy Freshness, Happy Wonderfulness” themed press conference in Beijing, and shared the “Seven Travel Methods + Nine Featured Themes” for traveling around the USA. They also announced to the public that the CAISSA Touristic’s “Shanghai - Pittsburgh” direct chartered flight project will be launched on August 3rd with China Eastern Airlines operating this flight. This is expected to open a new channel of traveling to the USA. Charlie Li, China Director at Brand USA, and other guests, as well as representatives of CAISSA Touristic attended the press conference.

CAISSA Touristic and visiting guests talk about China-U.S. tourism, and joined hands to constantly create high quality differentiated routes to China’s tourism market.

Apply the “Seven Travel Methods + Nine Featured Themes” to create high quality travel to the USA

According to the person responsible for CAISSA Touristic, the company continuously promotes travel to the USA, and its varieties of U.S. product become richer and richer. Varieties of products include group travel, independent travel, customized travel, and so on. The emphasized “Seven Travel Methods” refer to airline travel, hiking, RV, riverboat, cruise, chartered flight, and sea and land travel. The “Nine Featured Themes” refers not only to the exploration of national parks, highway culture, school travel, and family travel, but also the five new themes, including museum culture, cowboy and locomotive culture, music culture, outdoor light experience, and the “Global Lodge” light luxury hotel holiday. Through such ways, CAISSA Touristic hopes to enhance the depth and breadth of Chinese tourists traveling to the USA. The feature of differentiated products will bring something unique and new to the Chinese tourism market.

What is worth mentioning is that CAISSA Touristic has also launched the “Chicago Museum Culture Travel” program with the BTV program Yiqi Lvke and Choose Chicago, starring Chinese National Geography’s wild field scientific research expert “Dabao Teacher”. The itinerary includes Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), the museum about Pontiac's War etc. Children and their parents will be able to experience the history, human culture, art, and science of the United States.

CAISSA Touristic exclusively launched the “Shanghai - Pittsburgh” direct chartered flight

At the press conference, CAISSA Touristic has disclosed that it will launch the “Shanghai - Pittsburgh” direct chartered flight project on August 3rd, hoping that Pittsburgh to turn into a new communication channel between China and the USA. CAISSA Touristic signed a three-year strategic partnership agreement with Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh International Airport, VisitPittsburgh, and Allegany County in March, 2017. Since then, the two parties have been working to push forward the chartered flight project, which takes shape in this year’s summer vacation travel period. This chartered plane will take off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and will be operated by China Eastern Airlines using the luxury airliner B777-300ER.

It takes ten days for the round trip to finish. Tourists will begin their travel in the famous cities in the east of the USA, and they will be able to choose from the two classes of service: business class, and first class VIP luxury group. The related products based on the chartered flight project will be launched gradually, such as the “America East Grand - American Eastern Coastal Famous Schools + Museum Family Tours.” By purchasing this tour package, you will be able to visit the five great classic cities located along the eastern coast of the United Sates, six top famous schools, and four famous museums, and you will also be able to eat the featured authentic delicacies.

CAISSA Touristic has been exploring the US tourism market since many years ago, and opened a subsidiary in Los Angeles, working with the mode of “Zero Time Difference for Domestic and Foreign Communication”. By working closely with Brand USA, CAISSA Touristic launched the “10,000 People Visiting the USA” themed event in 2014, and held the “100 Years National Parks” themed event by using the “China-U.S. Tourism Year” as an opportunity in 2016. Based on its prominent contribution for bringing Chinese tourists to the USA, CAISSA Touristic has been chosen as the “World’s Top Travel Buyer” by the U.S. Travel Association.

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