Mobike Reveals Apple Watch Shortcut at WWDC 2018

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【Introduction】:Finding, unlocking, and paying for your ride is already quick and convenient, and the feel of zipping past traffic jams can t be beat.

(Source: Mobike)

One of the best features of Mobike is its ease of use.

Finding, unlocking, and paying for your ride is already quick and convenient, and the feel of zipping past traffic jams can't be beat. But grabbing a nearby Mobike is about to get even easier; a new trick for unlocking Mobike was just unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose on Monday.

Soon, Apple Watch will be able to predictively launch the Mobike app based on a user's daily riding habits, so it's ready right when they need it. With one tap of the shortcut on the Siri Watch Face, the user can unlock the nearest Mobike and be on their way.

Through integrating a variety of Apple features, from Apple Pay, to iPhone camera scan code unlock, to unlocking Mobike with Apple Watch, Mobike and Apple have been working hard to provide users with an ever-more convenient bikeshare experience.

Kevin Lynch, Apple's VP of Technology, introduced our new shortcut on the Apple WWDC stage this Monday. Check out the magic in action in the video here

Speaking about the upcoming feature, Hu Weiwei, founder and CEO of Mobike, said, "When we set out to reinvent the bicycle for the 21st century, we wanted to get more people cycling and help cities around the world become greener. To make Mobike the easiest transportation choice, we created a smartphone app that makes the whole system fast and convenient for people to grab a bike whenever they need one. Now the new Apple Watch unlocking shortcut will make riding Mobike so effortless, we expect even more people to make it a part of their daily routine.”

Eric Tian, VP of Marketing at Mobike added, “We are delighted to roll out this feature with Apple, in line with our shared passion for improving people’s lives through user-friendly design. Bikesharing is already a way of life for many people in cities, delivering more trips than the subway or taxis in some. When hopping on a Mobike becomes as easy as waving your hand, expect the Mobike Movement to accelerate.”

Mobike is the world’s first intelligent dockless bikeshare platform. We are making getting around cities more convenient, healthy, and environmentally friendly by getting millions of people out of traffic jams and onto bicycles. Over 200 million people in 18 countries around the world now use Mobike, with more joining the Mobike Movement every day.

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