Zhuhai and Macao Jointly Explore Tourist Routes

Publish Time:2018-04-12 20:02:00Source:Chinanews.com

【Introduction】:Zhuhai and Macao will jointly explore tourist routes. A Signing Ceremony was held at Zhuhai Yu Hotspring Resort on 10th of April.

(Source: Chinanews)

Chinanews - Zhuhai, on 10th of April (credit by Deng Yuanwen, Li Chao), Zhuhai and Macao will jointly explore tourist routes. A Signing Ceremony was held at Zhuhai Yu Hotspring Resort on 10th of April.

During the event, 3 well-known tourism companies signed cooperation agreements with representatives of Zhuhai Doumen district travel agencies, scenic spot, and hotels.

Representative of Zhuhai Doumen District Tourism Bureau said that Doumen and Macao both have profound cultural connotation and similar historical and cultural resources which offer a solid foundation for launching the regional cultural tourism brand. They hope to reinforce communication and cooperation between the two areas in tourism; push forward tourism products transformation and upgrade to gradually achieve resource sharing, routes co-construction, and mutually beneficial products promotion; and jointly promote the leapfrog development of the tourism industry.

Guests from Macao had a preliminary understanding of the nature of Doumen's natural ecological surroundings and local customs and special delicacies through the Doumen tourism promotional films and food products.

In the afternoon, Macao’s tourism representatives were invited to visit Zhuzhou Watersaid, Yifeng Ayurvedic Retreat, Shililian River, etc.

It is said that Imperial Hot Spring Resort is invested and managed by Hong Kong Imperial International Resort Management (Group) Co. LTD., and mainly engaged in service such as hot springs, hotel, catering, intangible heritage, training, etc., with an average annual reception of more than 500,000 visitors.

Shililian River is a large-scale comprehensive tourism project with functions including eco-agricultural tourism, farming experience, leisure, and popularization of science and accommodation. It takes farming vacations and regimen as the core, and the superior natural ecological environment and rural scenery as its foundation.

Representatives of Macao tourism said Doumen has distinctive tourism resources, and it is believed that the two regions can actively carry out regional cooperation and achieve sustainable and healthy development of tourism industry.

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