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【Introduction】:According to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (http: getting-to-Chongqing flights-airports.html), it officially launched the “paperless” flight service on April 10th

According to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (, it officially launched the “paperless” flight service on April 10th. Except for the Spring and Jiuyuan Airlines, passengers on domestic flights can scan QR codes on their smart-phone to get security checks and board, which makes it much more convenient.

The "paperless" flights at Chongqing Airport are limited to domestic outbound flights. International flights, Spring Airlines and Jiuyuan Airlines do not support paperless flights at present. At the same time, unaccompanied and other special passengers, VIP passengers and transit passengers who leave from Chongqing Airport still need to use the traditional boarding pass. In addition, passengers who need checked baggage can arrive at the airport and go to the airline check-in counter or self-service baggage check-in counter for baggage check-in.

Chongqing Airport reminds you that since the electronic QR code boarding pass contains passengers' personal identification information and flight information, it is recommended not to put it on the Internet to avoid unnecessary troubles.

After adapting “paperless” flights, passengers need take only four steps to go through the pre-flight process at Chongqing Airport.

Step 1: Online check-in

Passengers can complete a self-service check-in through the “Umetrip” APP, Chongqing Airport “Chongqing Fly” WeChat public number and other channels to generate an electronic QR code boarding pass.

Step 2: The security information inspection

When a passenger arrives at the airport, if there is no checked baggage, he can directly enter the security inspection area and have the QR code scanned to get through the pre-security check gate. Subsequently, a valid ID and an electronic QR code are presented at the security verification counter for security inspection.

Step 3: Verification at the boarding gate

The passenger needs to scan the electronic QR code again at the boarding gate and prints the security check certification to check on board.

Step 4: Reexamination before boarding

At the boarding bridge or at the distant passenger ladder, passengers need to hand the certification to the guard for inspection.

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