Chongqing's Tourism Promotion Season Kicks off in Moscow

Publish Time:2018-07-12

【Introduction】:On July 11, local time, the “Chongqing Tourism Promotion Season Launching Ceremony & Chongqing-Moscow Flight Route Promotion Day” event was grandly held in Moscow, Russia.

Chongqing’s Tourism Promotion Season Kicks off in Moscow

On July 11, local time, the “Chongqing Tourism Promotion Season Launching Ceremony & Chongqing-Moscow Flight Route Promotion Day” event was grandly held in Moscow, Russia. China’s mountain and water city Chongqing officially sent an invitation to Russian tourists. It only takes 8 hours to directly fly to Chongqing, and the tourists will be able to tour the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountainous city, visit China’s national treasure giant pandas, challenge themselves in eating the spicy hot pot, and experience the perfect change from the “beautiful scenery of Volga” to the “beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River”.

The Chongqing delegation systematically introduced the “Mountain and Water City - Beautiful Land” tourism image of Chongqing; and also the valuable “Travel A Thousand Miles - To the Vastness”. They also emphatically recommended the tourism “Business Card” of Chongqing - the magnificent Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, unique 3D magic city landscape, cute pandas, and comfortable hot springs, etc.

About the connection between Chongqing and Moscow, Liu Qi, Director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, said that Chongqing and Moscow are both famous cultural and historical cities of the world, with rich culture and many varieties of historical relics. The friendship communication between the two areas can date back many years. As early as 25 years ago, Chongqing had already become friends with Voronezh, and deeply developed its friendly relations with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Vladimir, and others. In recent years, the communication between Chongqing and Russia has become even closer - with more frequent personnel exchanges, large amounts of economic and trading achievements, and rich and colorful communication of humanities and local communication. The 21st Meeting of the Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers’ Regular Meeting, and the First Plenary Meeting of the Local Cooperation Work Team Between the Middle and Upper Reaches of China’s Yangtze River and the Federal District along the Volga River in Russia, were successfully held in Chongqing, and this has added so much positive energy to the communication of the two cities.

The reporters have learned that now if Russian tourists want to travel to Chongqing, they can board the direct flight plane in Moscow. The transportation is very convenient. The direct flight routes to Moscow and Irkutsk from Chongqing, and the direct China-Europe Rail from Chongqing to Moscow, and others have turned into the strong links of communication between the two areas.

At the promotion meeting, witnessed by Tang Liangzhi, Mayor of Chongqing, and Fan Xianrong, Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of China in the Russian Federation, representatives of the Chongqing tourism industry and the related representatives of Russia also signed multiple “Product Mutual Promotion, Tourist Source Exchange” cooperation projects. In addition, many renowned Chongqing tourist attractions and enterprises also prepared the “Chongqing Travel Discount Package”, including airline tickets, tourist attraction tickets, eating and accommodation vouchers, and so on.

The event host has said that, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia, many Chongqing citizens have come to Russia to travel, and the unique Chongqing style must also attract more Russian tourists to visit China, to further strengthen the tourism and culture communication and cooperation between the two countries. (Reporter: Hua Di, Qu Haiqi)

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