Press Conference Held at the World Tourism Cities Federation Fragrant Hills Tourism...2017-09-21

Remarks by Mr. Chen Jining, Chairman of WTCF Council and Acting Mayor of Beijing2017-09-20

Helsinki Signs Agreement with WTCF and Tencent to Provide Intelligent Tourism Service...2017-09-20

Song Yu, Secretary-General of WTCF, Keynote Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the...2017-09-20

Helsinki Won the Bid for Hosting 2019 WTCF Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit2017-09-20

Promoting the Globalization of World Tourism Cities — Los Angeles Declaration of...2017-09-20

World Tourism City Development Shifts to High Gear in the New Era of Globalization...2017-09-20

WTCF Jointly Hosted the “Foreign Tourism Expert Lecture” with BJTA and Beijing...2017-09-07

2017 Asian Tourism Industry Annual Conference Kicks off, WTCF Deputy Secretary-Genera...2017-09-06

UNWTO – WTCF City Tourism Performance Research Workshop Launches in Tianjin2017-09-05

WTCF Visits St. Petersburg to Meet with Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Develo...2017-06-30

WTCF and Chinese Friendly Co-hosts "One Belt One Road Event: First Pan-Asian Conferen...2017-06-29

WTCF Leaders Visit Lima for a New Development Opportunity for Peru Tourism Industr...2017-06-20

WTCF Actively Promotes Its Members During BITE2017-06-19

The Committee of Cruise of WTCF Jointly Hosts the 5th China International Cruise...2017-06-09

Edinburgh Tourism Action Group and WTCF Hosts Edinburgh “China Champions Learning...2017-05-28

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