WTCF Seminar Successfully Held in San Diego

Publish Time:2013-06-26

【Introduction】:On June 18, 2013, the WTCF Seminar was held in the capital of Chile’s Santiago.

On June 18, 2013, the WTCF Seminar was held in the capital of Chile’s Santiago. Mr. Zhang Runsheng, the agency member and political counselor of the People's Republic of China Embassy in Chile, Ms. Andrea, the general manager of Toursimo Chile and in the tourism secretariat of Chile’s National Economic Department, Mr. Blamo, the Tourism Bureau Chief of the Santiago Metropolitan Region and more than 50 guests from the Chilean National Foundation, the Chilean Foreign Trade Promotion Bureau, TAM and over 40 other companies appeared in the briefing.

The seminar started on time at 12:00 local time and the Secretary-General of the WTCF, Yan Han hosted the meeting. At first, the Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, An Jinming delivered his speech to all guests. His introduction emphasized the development of the WTCF which was launched and founded by Beijing with the assistance of Barcelona, Los Angeles and many other world-famous tourism cities. In addition, Secretary General of the WTCF Lu Yong invited the Santiago Metropolitan Region to join the WTCF.

Next, Zhang Runsheng, the Agency Member of China’s Embassy in Chile and Political Counselor delivered a great and hospitable speech. Representing the embassy, he expressed his warm congratulations to this successfully held seminar and pointed out that the Sino-Chilean tourism cooperation plays an important role in bilateral relations. He hoped that the WTCF would become a platform that works by expanding communication and cooperation for the world’s tourism cities, to achieve resource-sharing and a win-win outcome.

Mr. Juan Lopez, the man in charge of the Tourismo Chile introduced Chile’s tourism resources in detail. According to statistics, the current tourists traveling in Chile mainly come from the Americas, Europe and Asia. Chile wants to get a better development of her tourism through joining the WTCF. This year, Chile will organize groups to participate in the Second Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit and Expo of the World Tourism Cities and will conduct the theme day promotional activities.

At last, Yan Han, the Secretary General introduced the main work functions of the WTCF in detail, the preparing work of the Second Beijing Fragrant Hills Summit of the WTCF and its related activities, and the new expectations of the international communities toward the development of the WTCF.

The guests participating in the seminar spoke highly of this seminar. The Tourism Bureau Chief of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Blamo said, “WTCF is a new-born platform filled with creation and dynamism, and we cannot but help in joining this organization.” And TAM also expressed her positive expectation to join the Airline Alliance of the WTCF.

Before the seminar, the Secretary General Yan Han paid a special visit to Ms. Jacqueline, the Deputy Minister of Chile’s Economic Department and Director of the National Secretariat, and had a friendly and frank conversation with her. Ms. Jacqueline hoped this could attract more and more Chinese tourists to travel in Chile, and she would positively recommend more tourism cities and institutions to join the WTCF.

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