Report on World Tourism Economy Trends (2017)

As the world economy recovers slowly, globalization progress differentiates and uncertain factors increase gradually, tourism plays an irreplaceably important role in driving economy, connecting culture, improving geographic relations and building ecological civilization.

Speeches of 2016 Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit

This year s summit discussed the situation and trend of the current world tourism industry development with the theme of "Sharing Economy and Development of World Tourism Cities ". Therefore, the relevant speeches and material during the WTCF Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2016 are recorded in this volume for future reference.

Promoting the Globalization of World Tourism Cities — Los Angeles Declaration of WTCF

Cities are both the major destinations and major tourist sources of world tourism. They carry the important function of tourism hubs. We attach high importance to the role of tourism cities as the connecting points for world tourism development and encourage tourism cities...

Annual Report on Development of World Tourism Cities (2016)

In the world tourism development system, cities play an extremely important role in tourist source generation, destination reception, transportation transfer and so on.

Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist (City) Consumption (2015-2016)

World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and Ipsos (a world-leading market research institution) have been jointly conducting market research on Chinese outbound tourist (city)consumption since 2014, and releasing annual market research reports for three years in a row.

Leading Coherent Development Between Shared Economy and World Tourism Cities——Chongqing Declaration of World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)

On the occasion of the WTCF Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2016, WTCF makes the following six-point proposal to all its members with the view of promoting the integrated development of sharing economy and tourism cities...

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