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World Tourism Cities 2017-05

Further rise of 5% is anticipated for 2017 2018 – some 46,385 passengers – surpassing the historical record established during the winter of 2007 2008 (46,265 persons).

World Tourism Cities 2017-04

No matter if it is a business trip or family holiday on the beach, travelers should always follow a number of tips and rules to prevent any complications. Travel insurance is a must.

World Tourism Cities 2017-03

This is the first time that the WTCF held a regional conference in one of its member cities. The theme of the conference is “One Belt One Road: Development of Tourism Corridor and City Hub” with the objective of powering the world tourism industry by establishing the Belt and Road tourism corridor and a series of city hubs, enhancing exchange and cooperation between tourism cities and enterprises.

World Tourism Cities 201701-02

Global Economy Recovery Remained Weak Global economy recovered weakly in2016: some developed economic entities recovered but at unbalanced rates; the growth rate of emerging markets decreased and China entered a new normal economy; many incidents in terms of politics or others added uncertainty to the global economy.

World Tourism Cities 2016-12

World Tourism Cities 2016-11

World Tourism Cities 2016-11

Winter season is the perfect time for travellers to explore a different face of Europe. Visit your favorite destinations and enjoy the remarkable atmosphere that comes with winter, snow and cold days.

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