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World Tourism Cities 2017-08

Developed by Joseph Nye from Harvard University, soft power is a concept describing the ability to attract and co-opt in other ways than through coercion (hard power), using force or persuading with money.

World Tourism Cities 2017-07

Swarm intelligence is the collective behavior of decentralized, selforganized systems, natural or artificial. Ants are species that are very well known for their specific behavior in groups.

World Tourism Cities 2017-06

Travelers seeking new adventures should try four wheel drive tours. Besides adrenaline they offer history and wilderness as well as culture. The excitement of 4WD tours is incomparable.

World Tourism Cities 2017-05

Further rise of 5% is anticipated for 2017 2018 – some 46,385 passengers – surpassing the historical record established during the winter of 2007 2008 (46,265 persons).

World Tourism Cities 2017-04

No matter if it is a business trip or family holiday on the beach, travelers should always follow a number of tips and rules to prevent any complications. Travel insurance is a must.

World Tourism Cities 2017-03

This is the first time that the WTCF held a regional conference in one of its member cities. The theme of the conference is “One Belt One Road: Development of Tourism Corridor and City Hub” with the objective of powering the world tourism industry by establishing the Belt and Road tourism corridor and a series of city hubs, enhancing exchange and cooperation between tourism cities and enterprises.

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