The commune of Aysén

The commune of Aysén is the second largest in Chile. It is located in the northern part of the western Patagonia, with a population of 27 thousand people, spread in the communities of Huichas Island, Puerto Chacabuco, Villa Mañihuales and Puerto Aysen, the main town.

Aysén, is a land with a perfect mix of different traditions, coming from the Greater Island of Chiloe, the Argentinian “Gaucho” and the culture of native people from the Patagonian coast “Huilliches” and “Chonos” and the settlers and adventurers that came to this place searching for nature in his most pristine way. From all of these, make the personality of the people strong and hard-working, but at the same time kind and gentle.

The commune, has something in particular that very few have, where the coast is next to the range. So, it is home of fishermen, peasants and gauchos; in landscapes of a unique and wild beauty. Inviting visitants to connect with nature and appreciate its real value.

Aysén, also has a rich and wide gastronomy, consisting of seafood, fishes like conger or salmon and local meats. Our main preparation is roasted standing lamb, a very old tradition that goes perfect with local vegetables and potatoes.

Our biggest international landmark is the great lagoon called San Rafael, visited by thousands of tourists from all around the globe every year, but we also have many other beautiful sites. There are different kinds of hills and mountains that for you to climb, like the Cordon hill, and appreciate the landscape of Aysen at 4000 feet from above; more than ten parks and reserves in a distance no more than 5 miles from the city.

You can find many hills and mountains with the Condor of the Andes always present, valleys, fields, In the different locations you can find a diversity of lakes, rivers and falling waters, full of fishes like rainbow trout, and Chinook and Coho salmons, great for sport fishing. Here, you will find magnificent and energizing landscapes that are just waiting to be discovered.

We invite you to wander around the region’s oldest town, a place full of history, traditions and landscapes that come from sea to mountains.

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