In 1515 he landed on the coast of Cumana a mission of Franciscan friars, led by Fray Antonio de Montesinos, in order to start the peaceful evangelization of indigenous communities, but the constant abuse of soldiers and slave traders they ended up creating heavy clashes between natives and Spanish. Thus Cumana, Sucre state capital, became the first city founded in the Americas.

It is the birthplace of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre; furrowed by the river Manzanares, stands out for the taste of history, represented by its old town and especially the Castillo San Antonio of the Eminence national monument by its location offers a beautiful view the city, the Gulf of Cariaco and the Peninsula Araya. This is washed by the beach in San Luis, with just over 7 km long which features walking trails, a wide expanse of sand and palm trees that adorn uvero and its shore. Service has inns, hotels, restaurants and stalls selling food and drinks that complete the unique offer for tourists and visitors. It bordered on the north, Gulf of Cariaco and Caribbean Sea; south and west, Anzoátegui state; and this, municipalities Bolivar and Sucre state Montes. Also 76% of Mochima National Park and the Protected Zone Mountainous Massif of Turimiquire is located. Its coastline boasts islands, islets, coves and beaches ideal for tourism. The climate is arid and semi-arid, with average temperatures of 27 ° C. Among their economic activity are administrative national, regional and local government, public and private utilities, transportation, tourism, catering, also the industry of canned food, automotive and metalworking, snuff, wood crafts; artisanal fishing is practiced.

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