2017 International Tourist Destination Cities Promotion and Marketing Training Students‘ Comments

Publish Time:2017-04-26 17:13:16

【Introduction】:During the training program, we interviewed some students for their comments about the course.

Huo Dihua, Manager of Hamburg Liaison Office China 

——It is my first time to participate in the activities organized by WTCF and I learned a lot from it. Hamburg is a developed tourism city, and it has lots of potential in promotion. I hope the big date of Chinese tourism market I learned from this time can be the guidance of our promotion strategy in the future.

David Celis, Second Secretary of Embassy of Peru in the R.P. China

——Here I find information about Chinese tourism, not only in Latin America but all over the world too. So we can use the information to included in our plans as well as promotion of tourism. I know WTCF has a lot of date to use in the tourism plans and of course through the federation we can use the WTCF platform to promote our cities.

Kaari Artemjeff, Marketing Manager of Helsinki

——The course was very interesting, lots of good topics. I have been in charge for Chinese market for about 2 years. Of course there are always news things to learn about Chinese market because it is so special and changing very rapidly and also it is a huge market. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to get insight from local.

Ralf Ostendorf, Director Market Management of visitBerlin

——Berlin is a very developed city. Even though I’m the market director for the years doing the promotion across cities always important to get market updates, get more employed so you see more for future strategies. This is my big opportunity to re-get update and learn something new. So far is very good very interesting. Even though Mice is not my personal field I’m working in but it is still good to know what’s happening here in the market and what is the thinking of Chinese household.

Lydia Charlie, Executive DirectorOffice of the Mayor of Victoria

——This is a very interesting program for all the members. Being a city member which its economic is based on tourism I feel it is very important to attend this course to better understand the Chinese requirement, what do they like. Therefore I will pass on the information to the tourism department so that they are able to make package for Chinese tourists.

Aigars Smiltans, MEET RĪGA Director

——The course is beneficial and you can learn a lot of new things this is one thing. I also learn something new then I had reconfirmation for some of the things which are already knew. So which means that I doing things in a right way. Also it is a good opportunity to talk to people from other destinations and exchange information. So we gained a lot from this training program.

Wang Qian, Trade Analyst in the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing

——This is a very good chance. I learned a lot from this training program, the examples of the tourism developed countries promoting their tourism resource to people will be good reference for us to study.

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