TRAVEL62: World Tourism Summit, You Want to Experience the Landscape of Chongqing Tour With the Foreign Media Into Fuling, Fengdu, Pengshui, Chongqing, the Picturesque Scenery!

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【Introduction】:Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit of publicity for the tie in with the city to 2016 the World Tourism City Federation, expand the county tourism resources visibility

Chongqing Xiangshan tourism summit of publicity for the tie in with the city to 2016 the World Tourism City Federation, expand the county tourism resources visibility, composed of economic news of Japan, Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Commercial Daily substandard media in Chongqing Bureau reporter, and Chongqing Radio and television set (total station) group, Chongqing daily, Chongqing Branch of China News Agency, "Chongqing and world" magazine, Thunder look like part of the municipal mainstream media reporters of the delegation in July 18 - 21, went to Fuling, Fengdu, Pengshui interview investigation.

In July 19th, the delegation visited the Wuling Rift Valley, the 816 underground nuclear engineering".

On July 20th, the delegation visited the Fengdu ghost interview.

On July 21st, the delegation visited the Pengshui City, Chi You Wai Shan Jiu moldova.

The Hongkong Daily reporter said after the visit in the tourism resource in Fuling district is potential.

The Great Rift Valley of Wuling


Scenic spots in Earth's oldest "Scar" - violent crustal movement caused by Cliff crack says to surprise, "China the first dynamic Canyon" reputation. Scenic 1380 meters natural gap, 10 km of the original ecological Rift Valley in Karst, the average temperature of summer temperatures as low as 22 degrees celsius. The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is also one of the 30 best tourist landscape.

Chongqing Office, takongbao Hongkong reporter and several other foreign reporters have said, will be trimmed after 816 underground nuclear engineering "open help to help young people perceive a significant historical, promoting the sense of national identity.

816 underground nuclear engineering


In 1967, a mysterious secret special forces stationed in the Fuling mountains, the excavation of the underground nuclear power plant. The construction of the Chongqing 816 underground nuclear plant for the production of atomic bomb service is the world's first artificial hole, the total investment of 740 million yuan project. To 1984, construction, installation, construction engineering project has been completed 85% of the 60%. April 2002 National Defense issued an order of 816 large underground nuclear declassified military hole to the world.

Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" reporter on how to solve the problem that the cruise ship port and the various attractions between traffic, how to keep the tourists were detailed understanding, get a satisfactory answer. Thunder KanKan was broadcast live on the ghost town of Fengdu.

The ghost town of Fengdu


The ghost town of Fengdu is also called "you", "ghost of Kyoto", "Chinese divine township". The ghost town is famous for its various buildings and other Hades. In the temple, the ghost town hengha temple, Nai River, yomigaeri, wangxiangtai, Yaowang temple and so many buildings show the grave seat. It is not only the legendary ghost towns, or set of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism as a whole treasure house of folk culture and the arts, is one of the Yangtze River Tourism Online Gold, one of the most famous cultural landscape.

Mount Pengshui


Friction around Yamauchi Mine, ravines, in addition to the stone forest, cliff, Tiankeng, crevices, caves and other geological wonders, both Manshan clouds, sunrise and sunset, astronomical landscape and towering old trees, thousands of miles of sea and other forest landscape; at the same time, with profound historical, religious and cultural background.

After that Chiyou Jiuli city project will be completed by the end of this year, told reporters that the project not only building large-scale, and supporting iron painting, straw, Miao silver and other intangible cultural heritage cultural products sales, has a strong appeal, has the potential to become a new bright spot of tourism in the near future.

Chi You Jiu Cheng


Chiyou nine Licheng is the organic combination of Pengshui natural scenery and Hmong history and culture, Jiuli column of God is the world on height, diameter, carved gods like most Hmong totem column; Jiu palace is the world largest and highest the Diaojiao building body, the world's largest courtyard building, the most peculiar, GE and the floor of the temple building clusters; nine door is in the world currently has the most towards the door of the Miao nationality architectural landscape of.

World Federation of tourist cities in Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism Summit


September 18th to 2016, the 22 World Federation of tourism cities in Chongqing Fragrant Hills tourism summit will be held in Chongqing International Conference center. The theme of this summit is to share the development of economy and tourism city".

World Federation of tourist cities


World Federation of tourist cities (WTCF) was founded in 2012, is headquartered in Beijing, is the first settled in China, the world's major tourist cities and tourism related institutions voluntarily formed a non-profit international non-governmental organizations. The main members of the five continents, the number of members of the existing 162, of which 109 members of the city, 53 members of the organization.

Fragrant Hills tourism Summit


Xiangshan tourism summit is the World Federation of tourist city to promote world tourism cities between exchanges and cooperation in the main platform, has been held four times, the first three session held in Beijing, the fourth in Rabat, Morocco and Fez held. In 2015, after the Council of the Federation Council voted to get the right to host the 2016 summit held in Chongqing in.

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