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【Introduction】:Burgtheater, formerly known as "K.K. Theater an der Burg ", changed its name to "K.K. Hofburg Theatre " in 1918, is the national theatre located in Vienna, Austria.

Burgtheater, formerly known as "K.K. Theater an der Burg", changed its name to "K.K. Hofburg Theatre" in 1918, is the national theatre located in Vienna, Austria. In fact, the Old Burgtheater known as "die Burg" opened for the first time in 1741. The theatre company has built the Old Burgtheater into a theatre with a typical performance and speech style.

For hundreds of years, Burgtheater has been in the leading position in German drama. In 2014 / 15, Burgtheater was named "theatre of the year" by German magazine "theater heute".

Burgtheater was founded by Maria Theresa, the Queen of Habsburg Dynasty in Austria, and opened for the first time on March 14, 1741. There are three Mozart operas successively: Die entf ü hrung aus DEM serail's "the lure of the harem" (1782), Le Nozze Di Figaro's "the wedding of Figaro" (1786), and Xi opera cos ì fan Tutte's all women (1790) and Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor (1786) and Beethoven's first symphony (April 2, 1800) premiere here. In October 1888, Burgtheater was closed with the iphigenie auf Tauris by Goethe as the ending performance.

After that, the theatre moved from its original location to the new site of Burgtheater, which was designed and built by Gottfried Semper and Karl von Hasenauer in 1874-1888, located on Vienna Ringstrasse. Unfortunately, due to the war and fire disaster, the theater was rebuilt from 1953 to 1955. Today, we are not able to see the masterpieces of two architects 100 years ago.

Now Burgtheater has become one of the gathering places of famous stage directors, designers and artists in Europe. Famous artists such as Thomas Bernhard, Elfriede Jelinek, Peter Handke, Peter turrini and George Tabori have all brought their own dramatic works to the public here. The famous film director Claus Peymann once affirmed Burgtheater as one of the most important theatrical stages in Europe!

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Burgtheater and its cultural institutions are not open to the public. However, after the outbreak, if you are lucky enough to visit Vienna, please don't forget to visit Burgtheater!

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