360 Panorama HD Visiting Hamburg Scene Spots at Home!

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【Introduction】:Do you want to explore Hamburg's most beautiful scenic spot via the Internet? Do you want to experience Hamburg's new landmark-- Elbphilharmonie concert hall? Don't be hesitated, these wishes are all set for you!

Can't travel abroad, but you want to visit those beautiful and spectacular architecture? You've been to Hamburg, still missing the days there and you want to see the inside of Rathaus Hamburg, which has one more room than Buckingham Palace? Do you want to explore Hamburg's most beautiful scenic spot via the Internet? Do you want to experience Hamburg's new landmark-- Elbphilharmonie concert hall? Don't be hesitated, these wishes are all set for you!

Tour around the beautiful Rathaus

The exterior architecture of the Rathaus Hamburg is in the Neo-Renaissance style and is one of the most beautiful rathaus in Germany. During online trip, you can walk from the foyer to the mayor's hall and even take a view from the balcony of Rathaus. If you want to go somewhere higher and see further? the 110-metre tower of Rathaus awaits you.

Journey around the plaza outside Rathaus:


The 111-metre Rathaus Hamburg is in North German Renaissance style

Tower of Rathaus.


Standing on the Tower of Rathaus, you'll see the Alster River is running on one side, St. Michel's Cathedral is not far away, and you can view have a look of Hamburg Harbor in the distance.

Festival Hall:


The festival hall is 720 square meters, Matthiae-Mahl's annual feast will be held here for 400 guests.

Tower Round Hall:


This Tower Round Hall is one of the most beautiful rooms in Rathaus Hamburg, where you can enjoy so many fascinating paintings.

Rathaus Hamburg hold meetings in this council chamber:


Focus on political debate: The Council Chamber is one of the simplest rooms in Rathaus Hamburg.

The state government of Hamburg holds meetings in this chamber:


The chair backs of 2 mayors are higher than those of other officials. The surrounding walls are decorated with buffalo skin.

View from the St. Michel Cathedral in distance

Standing on the 100-metre-high tower of St. Michel's Cathedral to have an unforgettable 360° panoramic view. Looking down the Elbe river through the panoramic camera, you can see the cranes at the Burchardkai container wharf, and then up the river, you can see the famous shipyard Blohm+Voss, as well as the music theatre in Hamburg port and Elbphilharmonie concert hall. You can even see the views of the Alster there.

Tower View Entrance.


360° view of Elbphilharmonie concert hall

This is the most imposing building in Hamburg. Not only is the Elbphilharmonie concert hall unforgettable on the outside, but the interior of the building is equally impressive. From the world's longest curved escalator, across the square all the way to the guesting hall, this extraordinary building will amaze you. Come and enjoy the unique experience of online viewing at Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

Entrance to Elbe Philharmonic Hall online:


Hamburg Planetarium

Take your computer or phone and visit the Star Theater and Planetarium in 3D online!

The Hamburg Planetarium presents a 3D model of the entire Star Theater, the magnificent entrance hall is decorated with historic vaulted paintings, the exhibition "We are the Stars" and the Star Theater can be visited, and you can explore all corners of the planetarium.

Entrance to the Hamburg Planetarium:


Deutsches Theater

The Deutsches Theatre on the Kirchenallee road is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful theatres in Germany. Now you can visit this theater which was built in1900 online! With a seating capacity of 1,200, it is the largest theatre in Germany. If you've ever wondered what it's like to stand on stage and watch the audience seats, now is the perfect time.

Entrance to the Deutsches Theater:


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