Coronavirus can’t stop Hamburg Port having its birthday! Online celebration, much more fun!

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【Introduction】:Without the Hamburg Port, there would be no Hamburg today. Hamburg Port’s birthday is the most important holiday in Hamburg! Coronavirus can't stop the enthusiasm of hamburgers to celebrate the birthday of Hamburg Port. Of course, this year’s birthday is a little bit different from the past.

Hamburg Port is 831 years old!

Like the Fish Burger and DOM fun fair, the Hamburg Port Birthday Celebration is an important and indispensable part of the city. Without the Hamburg Port, there would be no Hamburg today. Hamburg Port’s birthday is the most important holiday in Hamburg! Coronavirus can't stop the enthusiasm of hamburgers to celebrate the birthday of Hamburg Port, of course, this year’s birthday is a little bit different from the past.

Date: The 831st Hamburg Port Birthday Celebration in 2020 will be held on the Internet from May 8th to 10th with the participation of every “Port Lover”.


Facebook page:

The 832nd Hamburg Port Birthday will be held from 7 to 9 May 2021 and the 833rd Hamburg Port Birthday will be held from 6 to 8 May 2022.

Online celebration, much more fun!

Finally! Hamburg Port's birthday arrived as scheduled. Although the celebration was canceled due to the outbreak, the Hamburgers' blessing to the port still remains unchanged - at home, indoors, people can still celebrate it! This is Hamburg, this is the Hamburg Port’s birthday celebration, this is the life style of water city. Let's take a look back at the crazy, wonderful, gorgeous pictures of previous years, and review the birthday celebrations we had in those years.

Opening Tall Ship Parade, Tugboat Ballet, The Big AIDA Firework Show, Closing tall Ship Parade- These are the highlights the tourists cheered for when they came to Hamburg every year. Ship is naturally the most spectacular performer on the stage of the Hamburg Port's birthday celebration. At the pages of and Facebook, you can find those unforgettable moments of the celebration.

Opening Tall Ship Parade:16:00, Friday, 8th May

Livestream: Special event of celebration#1:18:00, 8th May


Tugboat Ballet:15:30, Saturday, 9th May

Livestream: Special event of celebration#2:19:30, 9th May

(Including Albers Ahoi, Mona M, Fanny Funtastic (From Olivia-Jones Family), Gerhard Bialek (2020 Action Ship Rescue) und Martin Doose (Capitain Großer Michel).( )

The Big AIDA Firework Show: 22:30, 9th May

Eight best observation places of the Big AIDA Firework Show:


This is the right place if you want to find yourself in the midst of the hustle and bustle. With its delicacies, concerts and attractions, it also invites you to feast and stroll.

2.Fish Market

For those who prefer places where is much quieter, the fish market or the river Elbe is the right place. Directly at the water you have the best view of the colorful spectacle and the reflections in the dazzling water surface.

3.Park Fiction

Park fitction locates itself between Landungsbrücken and Fishmarkt. You can also enjoy fireworks show here.

4.Weinberg am Stintfang

Weinberg am Stintfan is not far from Landungsbrücken. Although it is not at the water's edge, Weinberg am Stintfan, which is at a certain height, still offers the best view of the fireworks show.

5.Tower of St. Michael's Church

Climb the tower to get a view over the city. At a height of 82 meters you can admire the magic of the fireworks.


The Überseebrücke is located between the Landungsbrücken and the Philharmonic Hall of the Elbe. The pedestrian bridge over the water offers an amazing view over the course of the river and the spectacle of the fireworks.

7.Theater im Hafen

Opposite the Elbphilharmonie and Landungsbrücken on the other side of the Elbe is the Theater im Hafen, home of Disney's Lion King. The plaza in front of the theatre offers the best view of Hamburg's skyline as well as the Elbe and the fireworks.

8.Elbphilharmonie Plaza

From the Elbphilharmonie Plaza you have the best view over the course of the Elbe. At a height of 37 meters, the visitor is offered a circular path on the outer edge of the building, which offers a unique view of the city and the harbour from all sides. Please note that the number of visitors is limited, but you can buy tickets for a certain time up to 18 weeks in advance for a small fee.

Closing tall Ship Parade:17:30, Sunday, 10th May

View Hamburg Port via camera on St. Michael's Cathedral:

In addition to classical music, Hamburg's local musicians will bring more colorful music programs. Besides, two special programmes (A Cooperation between SAM-Medien, Toneworx and will be broadcasted by As part of a special program, there will be not only local musicians from Hamburg, but also interesting people in the port who will be interviewed, and you can visit the world's largest, yet drivable museum cargo ship, Cap San Diego.

Note: Hamburg Port will not hold any public event! The current code of conduct of the Hamburg Senate continues to apply.

Special Guest City - Shanghai

Shanghai is invited to participate in the 2021 Hamburg Port Birthday, as a special guest city. Shanghai will be shown to visitors from all over the world, which is also an important port city with the same unique style, and a metropolis no one forgets. This is also the first time a city from China has received an invitation.

This year's special guest cities are from Croatia, and in the past, invited cities were from France (2019), South Africa (2018) and South Korea (2017).

Sister Cities - Hamburg and Shanghai

Hamburg and Shanghai have been sister cities since 1986. On May 29, 1986, then Shanghai Mayor Jiang Zemin and Hamburg Mayor Dohnanyi signed the Declaration on the Establishment of Friendship and Cooperation between Shanghai and Hamburg, Hamburg and Shanghai have then officially become sister cities. As Shanghai's sister city, Hamburg shares many similarities with Shanghai, both of which are influential economic centers, port cities and international trade hubs in its country. As a bridge between the two cities, Hamburg Liaison Office in China fully supports the two cities to carry out economic, cultural, sports, education and other comprehensive cooperation and exchanges.

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