Foodies paradise: Why people fall in love with Vienna

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【Introduction】:From Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional authentic Beisl cuisine, Vienna is literally a paradise for foodies! This is a fantastic city where multi-ethnic civilizations integrate with each other, which perfectly reflecting on the gastronomy of Vienna. Come to Vienna to wake up your taste buds!

From Michelin-starred restaurant to authentic Beisl food, Vienna is literally a paradise for foodies!This is a fantastic city where  multi-ethnic civilizations integrate with each other, which perfectly reflecting on the gastronomy of Vienna. Come to Vienna to wake up your taste buds!

There are ranges of traditional restaurants hideing in the center of Vienna city, supplying foodie travelers with fine food in its classical way. The Wiener Rathauskeller, located in the underground of the city hall, acts as a signpost of classic Viennese cuisine. It offers excellent traditional specialties made from seasonal ingredients and unique innovative dishes.

The Lugeck Restaurant brings new trends to Vienna’s traditional bistros. Besides Wiener Schnitzel and Hungarian Goulash, it also provides guests with “new Vienna” cuisine coupled with its creative craft beers.

For foodies who love international dishes, Konstatin Filippou is a must-go place in Vienna. With its first-class dishes and top-quality services, it has been awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide.

Foodies have definitely heard of Italian food—the pinnacle of European dishes, even if they have never been to Europe. At the restaurant Al Borgo, the chef and his team will serve you with Italian specialties.

Don’t take it as granted that the typical Viennese food only appears in the old city where most tourists gather, many culinary delights are tucked away off the beaten track.

In many Viennese bistros out of the old town, you will find the lively side of the German and Austrian boys who is always rigorous at work. Besides, traditional Jewish cuisine hides in spacious open-air bars and dining areas downstairs of many old residential buildings.

A real Michelin “paradise”—Steirereck restaurant, sitting in the heart of the city park, is called the most low-key Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

The most fascinated Restaurant in the city—Ubl, sits in the 4th district near the Naschmarkt. Classic Viennese meals like Wiener Schnitzel and beef soup, together with historic wall and vintage furniture, bring people back to the last century, as if immersed in the movie Midnight in Paris.

What’s more, Glacis Beisl, located in the backyard of the Museums Quartier is one of the most popular restaurants among young guys.

Get bored with the regular three-meals-a-day routine and still want to spare cost and time? Don’t worry! From Hoher Markt in the Old City to Zum scharfen Rene and Kaiserzeit, the Viennese hot dog stands and Turkish Doner Kebab are the best snacks for you to fill your tummy!

Come on foodies! What are you waiting for?

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