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【Introduction】:The stars of the video can be seen on Fisherman’s Bastion and the Castle Garden Bazaar terrace, but the unique Art Nouveau Gellért Bath building also appears in the footage.

The beauty of Budapest is not just well-known among locals: the Hungarian capital has become a favourite of many world famous stars as well. The celebrities who have grown fond of the city ensure that others get to know its unmatched built and natural heritage too, and as a result, millions of people around the world have chance to enjoy the panorama from Buda Castle.

The song “Firework” from teenage-favourite Katy Perry encourages young people not to be afraid of being themselves. The scenery that completes the catchy melody is no other than Buda Castle itself, where the American artist and hundreds of her fans enjoy spectacular fireworks and an awesome party in the Lion Courtyard.

The music video for “Close to Me” by Ellie Goulding, Diplo and Swae Lee was shot in 2018 in Budapest and showed the prettiest side of Budapest to 124 million viewers just on YouTube. The stars of the video can be seen on Fisherman’s Bastion and the Castle Garden Bazaar terrace, but the unique Art Nouveau Gellért Bath building also appears in the footage.

There was no party or festival in 2017 where Groove Coverage’s cover of “Moonlight Shadow” didn’t play at least once, and those who saw its music video were presented with a real image video of Budapest. The story starts in Heroes’ Square and leads us all the way through the city. Apparently, there was one thing that particularly caught the attention of the band’s singer: the characteristic red phone booths that are still in use.

Selena Gomez conquered the streets of Budapest as a secret agent with her Vespa in the music video for “Round and Round”. Apart from discovering the nicest parts of Buda Castle, viewers of the 2010 video could also take a sneak peek at the hanging corridors, courtyards and rooftops of urban houses.

Jamie Woon’s “Lady Luck” was a huge hit in 2011. In its official music video, the singer travels through Budapest by car, metro and tram. Although only flashes of the city can be seen in the video, both the Chain Bridge and the Buda panorama are clearly visible in it. For the citizens of Budapest, tram number 2 and the blue metro line are also easily recognisable, of course.

Those who would like to see what Hungary looked like in the 1970s might want to play the video for “The Boxer” by The Chemical Brothers. The city’s red phone booths play an important role in this video as well, but we shouldn’t forget about the red, square-shaped Lada either, as this is the main element that creates the video’s unique atmosphere.

The members of Liberty X were also impressed by the public phones, as these and the stops of metro line 3 get the most screen time in the video made for their song “Holding On For You”. The shooting in Budapest took place in 2007, and although metro lines and stations look much better nowadays, the phone booths haven’t changed...

Gwen Stefani’s “Early Winter” music video was also shot in Budapest in 2009. The video’s outdoor scenes were shot in Nyugati railway station, but no other parts of the city are visible, so one should be really familiar with Budapest to realise where the love story takes place.

Last but not least, fans of Will Smith got a view of the city in 2019 (although not in the form of a music video), as the actor climbed onto the top of the Chain Bridge one early morning and greeted the city by dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings”.


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