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【Introduction】:We all love Berlin, but because of the epidemic, we may not be able to experience it.

We all love Berlin, but because of the epidemic, we may not be able to experience it.

But Berlin, the city of freedom, refuses to yield. Via the Internet, all social celebrities of Berlin will continue to show you the beauty of Berlin. Even staying at home, you can surf Berlin online while lying on your sofa and discover the wonders of Berlin at the moment.

Night club Disco

Even if bars and nightclubs were closed, the situation would not stop berliners from dancing. Several clubs in Berlin have teamed up to form United We Stream, an online disco account—United We Stream.

Some of the best DJs in Europe come out of Berlin's nightclubs to make live shows so that the atmosphere is as high as ever, nonstop from 7pm to midnight:

Art theater

Early since the 1990s, Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) has been the performing center of free groups in Berlin, and has gradually evolved into an internationally renowned theater, presenting dance, drama and other artistic performances. Until April 19, HAU has brought some of the best shows, where all viewers can watch them online.

The theater's website have already listed the online shows and hours of the


Although all Berlin's public libraries are temporarily closed, online services continue to lend members e-books and audio books online as well as videos and audio materials to further download. There is also a huge collection of digital books, not only in German but also in many other languages.

Membership charges a 10-euro registration fee at public libraries. To read the Berlin public library e-book, please go to the following website:

Opera house and concert hall

The Berlin concert hall (Konzerthaus) and the Staatsoper Berlin also offer online a large number of digital classical music performances, including more than 3,500 works of concerts, operas and ballets.

This platform is more suitable for online teaching of relevant professionals than for enjoying performances. Those interested can check it out at

Sports fitness

ALBA offers empowers you great experiences into European basketball world. During the period of isolation, ALBA sets aside its classy magnificence to aim at children of different age groups and rolls out online fitness video. A 30-minute class is not limited to basketball, as you can follow diverse physical education classes here at

Many of Berlin's gyms have recently launched fitness videos or live broadcasts, as well as yoga and dances for beginners, or at home.

Come explore Berlin at home!

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