Air China's First ARJ21 Officially Delivered

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【Introduction】:On the morning of June 28, Beijing time, Air China s first ARJ21-700 (Advanced Regional Jet) was officially delivered at the final assembly and manufacturing center of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

On the morning of June 28, Beijing time, Air China's first ARJ21-700 (Advanced Regional Jet) was officially delivered at the final assembly and manufacturing center of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). Adorned with the national flag of China, this ARJ21-700 made a smooth landing at Beijing Capital International Airport at 12:56 and was given a water salute.

Source: Air China

The introduction of the ARJ21 will help improve Air China's regional transport capacity, effectively connect Air China's trunk and regional routes, further improve the layout of Air China's overall route network, enhance market competitiveness, and help to satisfy passengers’ demand for travel. According to the schedule, after being added to the fleet, Air China's first ARJ21-700 will operate on routes between Beijing Capital International Airport and airports in Inner Mongolia, including those in Xilinhot, Baotou, Ulanhot, Hohhot.

Source: Air China

Mr. Cai Jianjiang, Chairman and Party Secretary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), Mr. Song Zhiyong, AVIC General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary, and Mr. Wang Mingyuan, AVIC Deputy General Manager, attended the delivery ceremony at the Beijing branch. Mr. Chai Weixi, Vice President of Air China, and Air China representatives attended the delivery ceremony at the final assembly and manufacturing center of COMAC.

Source: Air China

The ARJ21

The ARJ21 is the first advanced regional jet to be developed in China with independent intellectual property rights and in accordance with international standards. The aircraft has a range of 2,225-3,700 km and is adaptable, comfortable, economic, universal and serialized. It has excellent performance in high temperatures and high altitudes, as well as anti-crosswind capabilities, making it suitable for take-off and landing at airports in the mid-west and northern regions of China, where the ability to clear these obstacles is a requirement. With comfort amenities comparable to those of trunk route aircrafts, the ARJ21 cabin is wider and higher than its peers. Air China signed an agreement on August 30, 2019 for the purchase of 35 90-seat, economy-class-only ARJ21-700 with a 2-3 left-right seating configuration. The cabin interior has been customized to provide a more comfortable travel experience for passengers.

Source: Air China

Air China has attached great importance to the introduction of the ARJ21 and made thorough preparations in areas including aircraft pick-up, delivery and transfer to Beijing, work organization for post-arrival activities, flight schedules and outbound service guarantees. Air China has focused intensely on the operational support and long-term development of domestically produced aircrafts. On December 16, 2019, the Air China ARJ Fleet was formally established in order to get fully prepared in terms of aircraft fleet construction, transfer training on new aircraft type, staffing and logistics support. The maintenance, cabin services and ground services departments all set up dedicated taskforce to closely oversee the implementation of the whole process and delegated exemplary employees with outstanding technical skills, extensive expertise and a wealth of experience to interface with COMAC. All the preparation work was conducted in a highly professional, procedural and standardized manner.

Source: Air China

In 2020, Air China will receive three ARJ21-700 aircrafts to further improve the transport capabilities of the Air China fleet. Leveraging the company's extensive experience, Air China is committed to continuously building up our expert aviation, maintenance, training and ground support teams to prepare for the operation of more domestically produced aircraft in the future.

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