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Fungus Rock

Updated: 2014-07-17 / (visitmalta.com)

[Photo from visitmalta.com]

Fungus Rock is one of a trio of spectacular natural landmarks in Dwejra, along with the famous Azure Window and The Inland Sea.

The Rock - known in Maltese as Il-Gebla Tal-General (or General's Rock) is a small islet in the form of a 60 meter high massive lump of limestone situated right at the entrance to an almost circular lagoon.

During the times of the Knights, it was thought that a particular tuber which grows on this little island had medicinal properties and could cure various ailments. So much so that the Grandmaster declared it illegal for anyone other than authorized knights to climb onto the rock and pick the plant. Today, tests are being conducted to verify whether these medical claims have any foundation.

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