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Updated: 2014-07-17 / (seetorontonow.com)

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The corner of Spadina and Dundas Street West wouldn’t look at all out of place in the middle of Hong Kong. The crowds of people and the buzzing activity add to the captivating atmosphere of Toronto’s downtown Chinatown. Elegantly stroked Chinese characters grace store and street signs. Oriental shops and markets with exotic fruits and vegetables spill onto the sidewalk, where grocers literally sing as they invite you to browse their selection.

Wandering along Spadina Avenue, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Toronto’s fashion district. Hundreds of local designers make this the place to go for the latest styles in fabric, leather, fur and wedding dresses. Visit Dragon City Mall for more Asian fashions, electronics and restaurants. Try on some beautiful silk dresses or grab some rare martial arts gems for your DVD collection.

And of course, Chinatown prides itself on the wide variety of authentic Asian cuisine. A bountiful selection of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants. Experience Peking duck served in two courses at the Bright Pearl, or visit the Golden Leaf for fabulous dim sum that’s available all day long. The red cow on the sign of Pho Hung marks Toronto’s favourite destination for real Vietnamese beef pho. Lotus Garden offers fresh vegetarian options.

Delicious food and constant excitement give more than enough reason to visit Chinatown, but it gets better. Toronto’s Chinese New Year celebrations rival those of the ancestral homeland. See the spectacular decorations, the dancing dragons and endless amounts of food that accompany the festivities each year.


Location: Corner of Spadina and Dundas St. West.

Transit: St. Patrick Station, then streetcar westbound

Website: http://www.chinatownbia.com

- See more at: http://www.seetorontonow.com/explore-neighbourhoods/chinatown/#sthash.qz7CLCPv.dpuf


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