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Arbanassi - up the hill from Veliko Tarnovo

Updated: 2014-07-28 / (veliko.co.uk)

The village of Arbanassi (population: 310 inhabitants) is one of the most picturesque old settlements in Bulgaria. It is situated in the rocky plateau of the same name, 4 km northeast of the town of Veliko Turnovo.

There are localy places to eat, hotels, guest houses, terricic views and open air bars in the village.

Popular with visitors and tourists alike

"The old settlement of Arbanassi is situated on a high plateau with a view to the hills of Tzarevetz and Trapezitza, four kilometers from Veliko Turnovo. It's distinguished for its impressive houses and churches with the ir rich interior decorations, wood-carving, and mural paintings created in XVI - XVII century. Namely these unique monuments from our architectural and arts heritage are the cause for Arbanassi to be frequently visited not only by tourists but also by scientists, archeologists, historians, architects, and artists. With a tsar decree from 1921 the settlement is declared resort, and in 2000 it is declared "historical settlement" with national significance."

Visit the Arbanassi official website at www.arbanassibg.com


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