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Archaeological Museum

Updated: 2014-07-28 / (veliko.co.uk)

Founded in 1892, the National Archaeological Museum is Bulgaria's oldest museum and is housed in the Buyuk Mosque, the oldest former Ottoman mosque in the city. Within the walls of this handsome 15th-century ivy-clad building lie the remains of Thracian, Greek and Roman settlements, an extensive collection of Bulgarian treasures and archaeological finds from the former capitals of Pliska, Preslav and Veliko Turnovo. Explore over 55,000 monuments, 1.3 million coins and ancient artefacts that reflect the turbulent history of Bulgaria. After visiting the museum, the fashionable Art Club Museum café behind the main building is a great place to reflect on the day's discoveries.


Address: "Nichola Pikkolo" St. No. 6 Veliko Turnovo 5000 Bulgaria


Internatinal Dialing Code: 359 62-623-772 

Director: 359 62-636-954

Secretary: 359 62-634-946 

Guide 359 62-638-841 during closed hours


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