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Villa Tvorcheska

Updated: 2014-07-28 / (veliko.co.uk)

Sayongi massage

Saionji massage or the Yumeiho therapy is a Japanese therapy which uses special massage and mobilization techniques. The therapy includes right setting of bones of the pelvic joints, correction of the spinal column as it heals all the resulting diseases from these problems. The Japanese massage is used for more than 190 disease symptoms. Saionji massage or the Yumeiho therapy influences: the function of the inner organs, muscles, inflamed joints and reduces the pain, regenerates the cells and thus strengthens the nails, smooths out the wrinkles and improves the skin elasticity, improves the overall body tone, leads to overweight loss and resolution of the rigid formations.

Chinese Gymnastics

Thai-Dziis a unique system of exercises that heals at the same time the physical, psychical, emotional and spiritual body. With the help of Thai-Dzi you can increase your energy level, improve your health, slow down the processes of aging, develop yourself as a creative individual and reduce the stress impact.


Dzien-Kan-Dao is a preventive-therapeutical, balancing system that includes elements from the aroma-therapeutical massage, Thai-stretching massage and manual therapy with accent on Yumeyho /special Eastern massage/, as well as some specific techniques from the classic rehabilitation.

Therapy with honey

The honey has the incredible virtue to purify the organism from toxins accumulated during the years. It is a powerful antioxidant. When used with specific massage techniques it leads to opening and clearing of the skin pores as well as dragging out of the toxins. The honey massage allows the skin to breathe and function normally. The skin becomes clean and fresh.

Anti-celullitis therapy

This therapy improves the skin elasticity and strength, recruits the optimal water balance and removes skin looseness. It refreshes and tightens both muscles and skin.

Haidouk therapy

Swedish passive kinesitherapy


Reservations and contact:

• Villa Tvorcheska

• 53A Arbanassi, Bulgaria

• mob: +359 0897920222

• e-mail: arbanassi_hotel@mail.bg

• Website: www.arbanassi-hotel.com

Local links:

• Arbanassi local information website www.arbanassibg.com

• Hotel reservations and bookings for Arbanassi www.arbanassi.org

• Arbanassi resort and hotel information www.arbanassiresort.com

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