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Airports and Distances

Updated: 2014-07-28 / (veliko.co.uk)

There are 4 main airports currently operating international passenger flights into Bulgaria:

• Sofia airport - Sofia airport is Bulgaria's largest airport, and is situated 175 Miles by road South West of Veliko Turnovo. Sofia has two airport terminals, Sofia's terminal 2 opened recently offering a more modern experience, although we recommend you visit the rather communist style terminal 1 as its most interesting. If flying into Sofia airport, you can use VelikoProperty's airport transfer service or take a taxi into Sofia, then a coach from Sofia's main coach station to Veliko Turnovo. Sofia

• Plovdiv airport - Plovdiv airport is an alternative airport in Bulgaria, again transfers can be arranged from Plovdiv airport to Veliko Turnovo

• Varna airport - Varna airport is situated 150 Miles East of Veliko Turnovo near the town of Varna. Varna airport runs at its maximum in the summer, there are not so many flights available in the winter due to the coastal resorts being mainly shut down in the winter.

• Bourgas / Burgas airport - Bourgas airport is situated 170 Miles South East of Veliko Turnovo.

• You dont just have to fly into Bulgaria to get to Veliko Turnovo. Bucharest airport is only 120 Miles from Veliko Turnovo - Thats less distance than Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas or Varna airports.


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