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Updated: 2014-07-30 / (allaboutmonterrey.com)

Annual events:


Dia de la Bandera (Flag Day)

Dia de la Bandera is a day where the locals in Monterrey celebrate their country’s flag. Expect to see miniature Mexican flags everywhere around the city as Monterrey turns into a collage of red, white, and green.


Hazlo Tu

Hazlo Tu is an entrepreneurial art festival for small artists and dealers to gain exposure and help themselves gain a foothold in the popular art market. It also features workshops, live demonstrations, and facilitates direct sale of art to the public. Hazlo Tu is a must visit for any artist or art enthusiest.


Cinco De Mayo

On the 5th of May Mexico celebrates the victory over the French at the battle of Puebla.


Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey

Monterrey’s film festivals is one of the largest largest showcases of film in all of Mexico. The festival takes place at theaters all around the city and features an incredible variety in film styles and content.


Aniversario de Independencia (Independence Day)

September 16th is Mexico’s Independence Day, which means it is one of the biggest if not the biggest celebration in the country every year.


Festival Cultural Barrio Antiguo

The Festival Cultural Barrio Antiguo is one of Mexico’s most important celebrations of culture. At this festival all forms of artistic expression are on display and celebrated with a series of exhibits, live music performances, and conferences. The festival is held in Monterrey’s Old Quarter Area at a variety of locations.


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