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About Monterrey

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City Introduction

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico and the second largest industrial center, with the income per capita ranking No. 1 in the country,which they brag much about. So it has very confident. The suburb of Monterrey is extended around it, with many air-conditioned huge shopping centers and exquisite residential areas, as well as the first New Taco Bell chain restaurant in Mexico. So it may be said as the most American city in Mexico.





History and Culture

From 1777 to 1846, under the rule of Spain and Mexico, Monterrey was the capital of the State of Alta California. It was the only port for entry of the taxable commodities in the State of California. This city had the first theater, public library, government-funded school, printer and newspaper in the State of California. Since the late 19th century, the city and the surrounding area attracted many artists, and many famous painters and writers lived here. Monterrey has many strong art communities, as well as many local and international famous artists. The museums and entertainment fields related to art are distributed in this city here and there.





Natural Environment

Monterrey is situated in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, and dry bed of Santa Catalina River runs west-east through the city, which only floods in rainy season. The whole city is surrounded by the mountains, thus forming its unique landscape. From the satellite map, it is very easy to see the terrain of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain sharply decreases from west to east. The Cerro de las Mitras (Mountain of the Mitres) is situated on the city, and got its name because it looks like the crown on the heads of the bishops. Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain), in the east of the urban area, is the landmark of this city, and the northernmost peak has the altitude of 1,820m. There is Cerro del Obispado in the northeast of San Nicolas de los Garza, and in the mountain, there is ancient spring. There are the continuous hills along the south bank of Santa Catalina River, separating Monterrey from Saint Peter District, which are connected by a tunnel; on the north bank lies Bishopric Hill, in which there was the mansion for Bishop Rafael, which has become the parish museum, because the American army invaded this place and an important battle of Mexican-American War broke out in 1846.





Climate Change

Monterrey has the semi-arid climate, being hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Annual precipitation is 500mm. The precipitation concentrates from May to September. Annual average temperature is 22°C, but the daily average temperature in the summer is over 30°C, and maximum average temperature in July and August may be over 35°C.Such high temperature may continue from the end of June to the early September. The highest temperature may be up to 39-40°C. In the winter, due to the influence of humid and warm current from the ocean, the temperature will decrease sharply, and there are at least two to three days with the temperature below zero Celsius degree. But snowfall hardly happens, once about 4 to 7 years. The nearest snow appeared on December 24, 2004. However, there is the abnormal phenomenon that atmospheric temperature in the winter suddenly rises to 25°C.

Information of Embassy and Consulate

Consular Section

Consulting Tel. (4:00 to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except for holidays): (0052-55)56164324/56164309/56164239

24h Hotline for Consular Protection: (0052-1-55) 20936210 (Don’t dial this if it is non-consular protection case)

Fax: (0052-55)56165849

E-mail: consularchinaenmexico88@gmail.com


Tel: 56160609

E-mail: chinaemb_mx@mfa.gov.cn





Visa Information

Materials required to be submitted for the visa application include: -Passport with the validity period over six (6) months, the original and the copy. - Completed visa application form. - According to the consular requirements, it is required to provide one of the following, Real property in the living place (real property or commercial shareholding etc.), Stable work (work years, position, etc.), Frequent overseas travel (with the visas and entry seals for different countries), Certification of economic capacity (for example, income certification, bank account or investment account statement, property ownership certificate etc.; for the adolescent or the student, it is allowed to provide the above certifications of the parents, guardians or the economically affiliated relatives). It is required to provide -one 1-inch color photo- pay the visa fees in RMB equivalent to USD 36. Notes: 10-year visa may be applied for in the following situations: Monthly salary over USD 600; bank account balance over USD 2,500; with credit limit of international credit card over USD 1,500; with valid US visa; tourist or business visa signed in this embassy; capable of proving frequent visit to Mexico. Since May 2010, Mexico allows the Chinese citizens complying with the following conditions to enter Mexico without visa, I. The Chinese citizen holding valid US visa and for purpose of tourism, transit or commerce. II. The Chinese citizen going to Mexico by taking the flight starting from US for purpose of tourism, transit or commerce





Currency Exchange

Local currency in Mexico is Peso, with the common coin face value of 20 and 50 cents and 1, 2, 5 and 10 Peso, paper-backed cash face value includes 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Peso. It is expressed as $ or MXN, $ is very similar to USD symbol. Do not confuse them.

Tourism Service Number

Fire service: 068 or 57683477

Police Tel: 080

Federal Police (for tourist service): 061

Ambulance: 55136723

Inquiry in Mexico City Airport: 24822424

Duty-keeping Tel. of Embassy of China in Mexico: 04455 54073017






Almost all hotels and guesthouses in Mexico provide free WIFI, ensuring very convenient internet access. It is not required to inoculate any vaccine in Mexico, but it is required to pay attention, thus avoiding the loose bowels in the unaccustomed climate. The public hospitals will provide free medical service for both treatment and prescription drugs if there is medical insurance, but there are often many persons waiting for the treatment every time. It will take a very time to wait. The private hospitals charge very high medical expenses, thus avoiding the queuing of the patients. There are many pharmacies. The place with the word “Farmacia” is pharmacy. But generally the sellers cannot speak English, so it is better to prepare some common drugs in advance.





Festivals(Important/Historical/Folks Ones)

New Year (January 1), Constitution Day (February 5), Labor Day (May 1), Independence Day (National Day, September 16), Day of the Race (October 12), The Day of the Dead (November 2), Revolution Day (November 20), Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12) and Christmas Day (December 25)


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